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cMusicWeb.com: Why was the song "Pure" chosen as the first single off your upcoming release, Beauty from Pain?
Matt Dally (bass guitar, vocals): I think it was because it was a fun song. It is a really catchy tune. It also has some really good content about having freedom in Christ. And the label really liked it.
Tricia Brock (lead vocals): Actually what happens usually is that the label will ask us if we are fine with it. But they told us they were going to pick "Pure" and they thought it was a good first single to use.
Matt: It's a good thing they did because it is blowing up the charts. Read full review...

Tricia Brock (lead vocals)
Melissa Brock (harmony vocals, rhythm guitar)
Matt Dally (bass guitar, vocals)
Max Hsu (keyboards, dj, producer, primary songwriter)

February 27, 2006 - Superchic[k] going mainstream
Superchic[k] may be the next Switchfoot. According to principle songwriter Max Hsu's blog, the band has moved to Columbia/Sony Records, though their relationship with Inpop Records remains intact. Hsu had hinted in an earlier blog post that a mainstream deal might be on the way, but has not yet provided further details.

Superchic[k] made four albums with Inpop, beginning with 2001's Karaoke Superstars and culminating with last year's aptly named Beauty From Pain. Hsu stated that he felt the band had "finally hit [its] stride musically" with the album, which was written in the wake of romantic trouble for all of its members. Hsu recently spent the weekend in the studio with producer Steve Lillywhite, who has worked with U2, the Rolling Stones, and also produced the Dave Matthews Band's excellent 1996 album Crash. Says Hsu, "So much of his work has been the soundtrack to people's lives that it's quite humbling to have him join me in the studio to work on my songs."
- Ben 

Beauty From Pain - Click to view! BEAUTY FROM PAIN (2005)
Earlier this year our webmaster, Dan Ficker, took a rare shot at writing a review. Little did he know that the hopes he expressed in closing his review of Superchic[k]'s Regeneration might prove prophetic—the musical maturity demonstrated on that project has carried over to future works. At least it has in their newest release, Beauty From Pain. Read full review...

Regeneration - Click to view!
Superchic[k] represents a dichotomy for me. On one hand, this band rocks. They have the crunchy, punk rock guitars mixed with a pop sensibility and a bit of DJ scratching by band leader Max Hsu. They have that female-fronted pop appeal but pack a rock 'n' roll punch too. On the other hand, though, their lyrics are aimed squarely at pre-teen girls who also listen to ZOEgirl and Jump5. Read full review...

Last One Picked - Click to view!
Allow me to warn you before you read any further. Unless you're in middle school, there is absolutely no reason to listen to this album. High schoolers and up, go read about Joy Electric. Middle schoolers, keep reading. Female-fronted rock band Superchic[k] impressed the world with their debut album, Karaoke Superstars. Their songs have been used in a wide range of TV and film spots, from Legally Blonde and The Glass House to MTV's "The Real World," and rightfully so. Read full review...

Karaoke Superstars - Click to view!
Featuring hit singles and the melodies that teens love, this album catapulted Superchic[k] to stardom.

A nice site with all the info on the band, plus audio samples and all the info you'd probably need.

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