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Regeneration - Click to view! Superchic[k] represents a dichotomy for me. On one hand, this band rocks. They have the crunchy, punk rock guitars mixed with a pop sensibility and a bit of DJ scratching by band leader Max Hsu. They have that female-fronted pop appeal but pack a rock 'n' roll punch too. On the other hand, though, their lyrics are aimed squarely at pre-teen girls who also listen to ZOEgirl and Jump5. As a 22-year-old male, most of these lyrics do not speak to me, and the talky bits between songs on Last One Picked were mostly annoying. Thankfully, Regeneration came along, marketed as a "remix" album. This disc is their best because the band flexes their musical muscle and keeps the evangelistic preaching to a minimum. The guitars are turned up, bass beats are added everywhere, and everything is edgier than their previous albums.

Max Hsu (formerly of Church of Rhythm) not only plays keys and does all the DJing, programming, and other duties on stage, but he also produces their albums and created many of the remixes found here. Standout tracks include "Hero" which adds heavier guitars and an added rap verse delivered by guitarist Matt Daly. "So Bright (Stand Up)" gets a revamp with more programming, verses spoken by Matt, and a different melody for the chorus. A short interlude song from Last One Picked becomes a full-length song with "Princes And Frogs," complete with more guitars in the chorus and a whole new verse. "One Girl Revolution" leads off the disc with enough guitar and bass to fill a couple songs. The only non-remix is "Me Against The World," which fits the album perfectly and is the same version as the one featured on the Legally Blonde 2 soundtrack.

Todd Collins, Christian music producer extraordinaire, managed to put a wall of sound behind "One And Lonely" that could almost make it in the club scene, despite being mostly guitar distortion. Collins' close friend, KJ-52, makes an appearance on the remix of "Barlow Girls" to offer a rap verse that is entirely made of fluff. In fact, the whole remix of "Barlow Girls" is disappointing, for while most of the disc makes the songs more rockin' and exciting, this track gets the acoustic pop treatment.

This collection of remixed and new songs is easily Superchic[k]'s best work to date and very enjoyable. Hopefully their future releases will include the musical maturity that this album demonstrated. Through this release, Superchic[k] makes rock fun for all ages while encouraging youngsters in their walk with Christ. And who knows, if you pick up this album you may glean some encouragement from the lyrics too.
- Dan Ficker
February 2005
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