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Great River Road - Click to view! GREAT RIVER ROAD (2005)
Jason Upton never ceases to amaze me. From passionate ballads to insightful praise choruses, his artistic sensibilities combine with genuine forms of worship. I first heard about this artist from Faith, Upton's first album to be distributed on a major record label. If I had not been able to find him in the worship music section of my local music store, I might have never heard of his ministry. Read full review...

Trusting The Angels - Click to view!
When faith is defined as the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen (Hebrews 11:1), the person of faith must learn the lesson of trust. Trusting the unseen (in a world where seeing is believing) is the ultimate fallacy of man's kingdom. Yet in the heavenly kingdom, one cannot walk with God without trusting Him. Jason Upton is a man who has come to terms with this elementary lesson. Read full review...

Remember - Click to view!
Again with only seven tracks, this disc no doubt features a lot of spontaneous worship and instrumental musicianship.

Dying Star - Click to view!
The second disc released in 2003, Jason Upton undoubtedly writes and performs music at an amazing pace.

Jacob's Dream - Click to view!
Rest is something we seldom find in today's world. We chase those times where we can relax and just be. How often does sleep evade us for fitful nights of tossing and turning? When we choose to carve out our own existence instead of allowing God to work His perfect will in our lives, we strive for the unattainable and never find peace. We live like Jacob in the Old Testament, who schemed his way into the position of firstborn. Read full review...

Faith - Click to view!
FAITH (2001)
Thanks to a partnership with Gotee Records, this disc is the easiest to find. True to the disc's title, the album covers the freedom found through faith. Its 13 tracks stretch over an epic 77 minutes.

Key Of David - Click to view!
The epic classic, this disc features early Jason Upton songs in an intimate, live setting. Key of David remains the foundation of what Jason's ministry is all about.

His official site has all the info you need on this worshipper and his events.

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