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Ryan Delmore (vocals, acoustic)
Darren Clarke (vocals, electric)
Shawn Tubbs (bass)

Never Looking Back - Click to view! NEVER LOOKING BACK (2000)
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The Burn Service - Click to view!
Ablaze with acoustic, open-source worship atmosphere and credible sonic excellence, Vineyard premieres its first youth worship album, The Burn Service, fronted by Ryan Delmore, Darren Clarke, and (female) Jessie Lane. Styled with a youth audience in mind, Burn Service overcomes the shortcomings of blander praise recordings by riding on strong drum backbeats, consistent bass groove, and intimate, personal words. It kicks off with an acoustically upbeat cry to "Set Me on Fire," throwing off lukewarm living. "New Creation" continues in the opener's vein, Ms. Lane's stunning voice speaking of Christ's new work in me. Whereas other CDs are "balanced," Burn rarely slows in its organic current of admission and honesty, quite vocal and boisterous over our weakness, past and incompleteness that is fulfilled through Jesus' redeeming holiness. "Shepherd" walks with vision in accepting God's will; track 8 grasps for the lost in broken to be healed as "Your Love Reaches Me," and the hooky progression of "All My Days" wraps a message of the purpose and zeal found in commitment. Petra-esque vocal delivery and an "oo-oo-oo" tag line add variety to "Friend," whose simple refrain joys in God calling me by name. Throughout the disc, bassist Shawn Tubbs improvises on his lines with ease, adding dynamic to the guitar duo of Clarke on electric and Delmore on acoustic. The quieter set consists of tracks 4, 6 and 12, "I Will Praise You" drowning in the flooding waves of the Lord's flowing love, and "I Love Your Presence" ends this hour-long experience bowing to the Lamb's near, deep, peaceful, glorious presence. Choosing bold declaration over programmed mediocrity, The Burn Service is a historic step as Vineyard's first Youth (Y) Worship release...and a genuine statement of dependence on God alone.
- Josh M. Shepherd

Touching the Father's Heart #37: Your Love Reaches Me - Click to view!
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The official site for the church where the burn service albums are recorded, this site has a page on the worship music, plus more on their other ministries.

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