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Thanks for visiting the cMusicWeb.com Feedback page. We appreciate your willingness to share your thoughts about music, culture and faith with the cMusicWeb.com community. If you just have general comments, please e-mail webmaster@cMusicWeb.com. But, if you're interested in writing for cMusicWeb.com, please continue, and tell us a bit about yourself.

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A word about cMusicWeb.com:

cMusicWeb.com is a website dedicated to examining culture through the light of the Bible in the hope that we can point those who do not know Christ towards the cross, and also that we can help those who already have a saving knowledge of Christ to grow in their faith. This includes, but is not limited to, reviewing and analyzing popular music, books, and movies.

We believe that our faith in the work of Jesus Christ affects all of what we believe and say, and we aim to glorify Him in all of our writing. This leads us to promote musicians and artists, not mere entertainment acts. It is our desire to provoke music listeners to think about what they listen to, and to encourage them to support those who are true artists. Glorifying God is not limited to how we think or act, but also extends to what we listen to, making it important that we listen to music that is God-glorifying lyrically and musically.

The site began over four years ago when our recently departed Senior Writer, Josh M. Shepherd was contacted by webmaster Dan Ficker. Josh had been operating an e-mail digest with his views on Christian music. Ficker had been the proprietor of a small website, and invited Josh to publish his reviews on the site. Since then, several writers, graphic designers and programming wizards have joined us, and cMusicWeb.com has grown into an outlet entertaining more than 25, 000 hits per month.

We are currently in need of those interested in helping maintain our "Pop," "Worship" and "Book" sections by reviewing music and books. We are also looking to begin an "Urban" music section. If you have any expertise or are at all interested in filling the positions mentioned, please fill out the application below.

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