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Chris Martin (vocals, piano, guitar)
Jon Buckland (guitar, vocals)
Will Champion (drums)
Guy Berryman (bass)

X&Y - Click to view! X&Y (2005)
All of a sudden Coldplay has hit the scene with radiant force. Could it be blamed on a rush of blood to the head (either the album or the actual state)? Perhaps it's a mixture of both. From online news sources to glossy magazine spreads, the media moguls are calling Coldplay "the next U2." Only time will tell whether or not this claim is valid. For now, we have the third studio release from one of the most popular bands on the planet. Read full review....

Coldplay Live 2003 - Click to view!
COLDPLAY LIVE 2003 (2003)
Coldplay bring their electrifying and popular live show to the TV screen via this DVD. Featuring over 70 minutes of live concert material (including unreleased song "Moses" and b-sides "One I Love" and "See You Soon"), a forty-minute band documentary, and a bonus CD, this set is a must for any fan. Review coming soon!

A Rush of Blood to the Head - Click to view!
Questions and answers: we ask the former to find the latter, haunting untamed trails in our reckless flight from uncertainty to security. Once we find the answers, our confidence knows no limits, and we tackle any challenge that attracts our hungry souls. This is a journey that we repeat often-questions are always popping up, and we cannot allow them to go unanswered. Read full review....

Parachutes - Click to view!
A study in growing up, Parachutes is a mellow masterpiece that looks at the various things we must realize to take the step from adolescence to adulthood--love, friends, appearance, responsibility. A diary with a raw sound, this album not only served a jumpboard for Coldplay to enter the music biz, but offers listeners a time for reflection and learning.

One of the few official sites that is updated almost as often as fan sites, Coldplay's home is very well-designed and easy-to-use: not only does it have lots of info, but it is organized by country so people can discover what's new about Coldplay in their homeland.

Bernie's Coldplay Site
Looking for the latest in the world of Coldplay? Zip over to Bernie's and find the latest news--it's updated almost daily. Plus, it contains all the basic info so you can cover all bases in one stop.

Hot & Coldplay
Smoothly designed and well-researched, Hot & Coldplay is an easy way to get acquainted with Coldplay--both the guys and their music.

A Rush of Blood to the Head
An unofficial site devoted to telling you everything and anything you want to know about Coldplay's latest album--lots of juicy info that will keep you absorbed for hours.

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