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Link FM - South AfricaWe are proud to present an exclusive in-depth interview with Matt Redman courtesy of Link FM Christian Radio in South Africa. Their Programme Manager, Tony K., conducted this interview when Matt was down there for the Soul Survivor worship conference. Read on to find out all about Matt, his worship, and some of his favorite music! Read full interview...

Facedown - Click to view! FACEDOWN (2004) DVD
If the CD was not enough for you, get the full live experience on DVD. In stores August 24.

Facedown - Click to view!
I watched this British gentleman conduct an hour-long seminar on worship at a local music festival this summer. He emphasized the importance of returning to "face-down worship." He mentioned how the church has a lot of shouting, standing, and raising of hands, but we seldom kneel in our services. By citing various Old and New Testament passages, he explained how there was an equal emphasis on both standing and kneeling. Read full review...

Where Angels Fear to Tread - Click to view!
Where Angels Fear to Tread, his fourth U.S. release, strays from what the majority of worship artists are creating. Many worship songwriters feel that reinvention (i.e., looking to God through a different thematic "lens" each album) is the best approach when their influence extends to thousands upon thousands. Their quest for freshness can only be admired. Redman, however, has gotten stuck on some simple concepts: reverence, sacrifice, and intimacy. All 12 new songs dwell completely within those ideas, based on scriptures he lists in the CD's liner notes. Read full review...

The Father's Song - Click to view!
How could a service scheduled to end at 11pm finally wrap up at 2am after a few additional unplanned hours of worship? When was the last time you pulled off the freeway, crying and singing to a melody far more than music? Why would a lone worshiper kneel at the front for hours after the band left? These are the actions of those who hear the transcendent tune of God and His love; the same singleminded profession brought to the Throne in The Father's Song. Read full review...

The Heart of Worship - Click to view!
While Redman rises to a new musical platitude of acoustic honesty and passionate spontaneity, the real focus of this CD isn't Redman, his music or even worship itself--it's all about God. This soul searching began at the youth congregation of Soul Survivor. In the autumn of 1996, music was banned from Soul Survivor as these thousands of youth learned the hard way that worship is a sacrifice of our whole being. The band was invited back, and it's out of this experience that this CD was birthed. Read full review...

The Friendship and the Fear - Click to view!
Matt Redman's debut is actually a bit of a collection of two UK worship releases.

This is now the official site of Matt, and it has a nice flash interface as well as lots of information on the events he's doing and articles on worship.

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