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Live to Worship - Click to view! LIVE TO WORSHIP (2000)
Since the new millennium's dawn, an ocean called the Worship Marketplace has kept afloat some adventurous vessels on uncharted courses--and far too many boats on popular, conventional routes. Lincoln Brewster's music belongs in the latter class, launching out with only the perilous intention to Live to Worship. With bearing that proves neither inflexible nor a free-for-all, "Captain" Lincoln arrives at his destination, discovering there's joy in the journey when you Live to Worship. Full review...

Lincoln Brewster - Click to view!
Once there was a guitarist whose bracing musicianship landed him a contract with a recognized mainstream label and touring deals with major secular artists. But God had other plans for Lincoln Brewster, and he laid down those opportunities to serve as youth worship leader at a newly-planted church. It's from this heart of swerveless submission that Brewster's self-titled CD originates. Lincoln Brewster is an unartificial succession, touring the fields of praise and the rivers of freeing supplication. Full review...

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Although this official site doesn't have many frills or extras, it has most of the info that you need, from tours to stuff on his albums.

Lincoln's label has a good website with a bio, song clips, and more on Brewster, plus rumors of a new album coming soon.

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