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Marquis Ashley (bass)
Adam Breeden (guitars)
Zach Hodges (keys)
Brian Ortize (guitars, vocals)
Nick Tibbets (drums)
Josh White (vocals, acoustic)

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The Beauty of Simplicity - Click to view! THE BEAUTY OF SIMPLICITY (2003)
I heard your symphony of silence as your show began…I need you now like I needed you then. It's the story of Josh White's life. Once a member of secular band Man Ray, White's demeanor was so negative that their album had a parental advisory sticker on it. After being shuffled out of Mercury Records by three brothers who coined the term "MMMbop," his life began on a downward spiral until finally, convicted by the Lord, White picked up his Bible and started reading. Six years later finds him leading worship services full-time and heading a new band called Telecast. Read full review...

A simple flash site with all the info you need on the band, this is one of the only places for Telecast info.

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