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Marty Sampson (acoustic guitar, vocals)
Mark Stevens (vocals)
Holly Dawson (vocals)
Reuben Morgan (acoustic guitar)
Mark Parrott (electric guitar)
Joel Houston (bass guitar)
Andrew Wells (keyboards)
Luke Munns (drums)
Steve Kemsley (percussion)

Best Friend - Click to view! BEST FRIEND (2001)
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Everyday - Click to view!
A good amount of time could be spent researching how new songs get into a church's hymnody; from my experience, it's different with every church (and for some, a very rare occurrence). Thus, it's interesting to note that the songs of Everyday were in many Sunday morning playlists without the help of a promotional strategy or media coverage. It's easy to see why. This devout, manic recording from United Live (Hillsong Youth's band) expounds on bringing real worship into the common Everydays we live in. "Everyday," the opener, is a mountainous, flawless delivery of the album's energy and message, one of awe, submission, and giddy delight. The ska-styled "Jesus I Long" is an immediate killjoy, unpleasant and outworn in every respect. Grounded in scripture and brought to life with great vigor, "On the Lord's Day" and "More" reach, long and pray to the Keeper of earth and all therein. Symbolic illustrations and harmonious keyboards catapult "Heaven" to a new level of wakened worship. The screams and yammer of the crowd add to guitarist Marty Sampson's song of reliance and love entitled "Seeking You." Spiritual perception and unappeased desire are spoken of at length in "You Take Me Higher" and "Hear Our Prayer," best described by the leader's spoken-word motivation: "Let's talk to God here!" In a somewhat Paul Oakley vein, "Prayer to the King" tells of choosing and believing God, using a guitar-driven revival chorus to make its point. Foraging through different beats and musical influences, the album-ending "God is Moving" instigates a mobile, expectant spirit both in the live congregation, and in the hearts of listeners. Woven delicately, but with bright tones and often coarse fabric, Everyday stimulates and compels heartfelt adoration through a comfortable yet garish garment of praise.
- Josh M. Shepherd

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