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Life - Click to view! LIFE (2005)
Coming May 24, this disc is not one to miss. Andy Hunterº takes his blend of worshipful trance to a whole new level on this six-track EP spanning over forty minutes.

Exodus - Click to view!
EXODUS (2002)
These days we hear a lot about worship projects; everything from the Passion series to special worship series albums from Ardent. It has all been done. Or has it? Andy Hunterº has literally put a new spin on the worship scene with his debut release Exodus. This ten track trance tantrum will get you dancing even if you are not Pentecostal. Exodus declares the glories and uniqueness of our Loving Father, how He cleanses our hearts, and the album ushers listeners into an overwhelming appetite for the perfection found in Jesus Christ. Read full review...

The official site is a great flash site with the full album streamable, plus much more including journals and notes updated by Andy himself.

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