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EXODUS (2002)
Exodus - Click to view!These days we hear a lot about worship projects; everything from the Passion series to special worship series albums from Ardent. It has all been done. Or has it? Andy Hunterº has literally put a new spin on the worship scene with his debut release Exodus. This ten track trance tantrum will get you dancing even if you are not Pentecostal.

In the words of Andy Hunterº, "Exodus is a journey into the presence of God; to hunger for God in a passionate way, craving that intimacy and hearing the Spirit; to commit everything we are and to say we are going to run for and live our lives one-hundred percent; to be movers and shakers for the cause of our love, wherever that leads us... even into the desert of our lives; and to ask questions and find answers of who we are and where we are going."

The album does all that Andy Hunterº intended it to. Listeners are swept away in a lucid blur of techno/trance perfection. Beats pump, rhythms move, and the little tweaks and clicks absolutely pull it all together. The album opens up with "Go," a slow starter that explodes into motion at the command "GO!." And this is the track that has attracted some high profile attention to Andy Hunterº; it was featured on the action flick Ecks vs. Sever starring Antonio Banderas, and it has also enhanced an action scene on the hit television drama Alias.

The album continues on in worship inspired beats in a move-it-or-lose-it chaos pitched fashion, and it also takes it down a couple of notches for some smoothly luscious chill time. All the tracks absolutely rule on this album, but the best of the best include the pulsating "Radiate," the smooth "Angelic," and the show stopping crescendo "Intercessional." However, the overlooked beauty of this album lies within the vocals.

As few and repeated as the vocals may be, they work their divine magic exquisitely. The style with which the vocals are delivered added to the trance inducing beats quickly mesmerizes, soothes, invigorates, and uplifts listeners into a euphoric dream-state. The females vocals in "Amazing" declare "You take me higher above the world I see / Way beyond the clouds / Beautiful colors surround me / You show me dreams I've never dreamt before / Unspeakable feelings evermore." Also, "Angelic" offers pure hearing bliss with soft and intoxicating purrs.

Exodus declares the glories and uniqueness of our Loving Father, how He cleanses our hearts, and the album ushers listeners into an overwhelming appetite for the perfection found in Jesus Christ. Andy Hunterº accomplishes something extraordinary and somewhat groundbreaking with Exodus.
- Matthew McCullough
March 2003
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