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An Open Letter To tobyMac
[ by dan ficker | previous published in his blog ]


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Dear Mr. Mac,

Heard your new CD today, Welcome to Diverse City. While I'll leave the reviewing to the professional writers on my site, I just have to let off some steam, OK?

Before I start, please understand that I'm not a hater. Your live show, Toby, is always a fun time, and that's actually when I bought your first disc (after your set at SonShine 2002). You also know good talent when you see it, such as Jennifer Knapp, Relient K, and mars ILL. And finally, your albums prove that Truett has some potential in the hip-hop scene if he stays on top of his game. I like you, buddy.

But, seriously, why spend all this time on these albums? It's like a KJ-52 album.... most of it sounds the exact same as the last album, and it tackles all the same topics. Plus, each album is full of fluff tracks where you sing stuff like, "yo, dawg, let's get this party started" or "buh-bye y'all" for a whole three minutes!

Nevertheless, thanks for bringing hip-hop to the uneducated masses. Hopefully those folks will take a chance and pick up real hip-hop discs by GRITS or MOC. Seriously, though, next time get some really hot guests on your tracks, such as 4th Avenue Jones' or mars ILL.

Actually, that brings me to another point about your shows. Last time I saw you at SonShine you had DJ Maj, Out of Eden, GRITS, and a whole host of other people on stage. Yeah, you found these talented acts, Toby, but does their contracts with Gotee require them to be at your side for a three-second cameo? I'd rather have a full show of any of them, for there you'd see real artistry.

Personally, I'd recommend you stick to the dc Talk thing and/or the label thing. That's what you're best at, if you ask me. But I know you weren't asking me. Oh well, I'll probably write an apology after I give this disc a couple more spins.


- Dan Ficker
September 2004

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