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Toby McKeehan
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January 30, 2006 - Gotee planning a Jesus Freak tribute album
Just over a decade ago, industry icons dc Talk took a drastically different approach to their music-making (read: they jumped on a different bandwagon) and dropped one of the most important Christian rock records in history. It was called Jesus Freak, and if you've never heard of it, you're either a child of the 21st century or just haven't been paying very close attention. The record sold at least 1.5 million copies and with its title track produced one of the most influential anthems of its generation.

To belatedly celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the album, Gotee Records (co-founded by dc Talk alum tobyMac) is set to release a tribute album, featuring re-workings of most of Jesus Freak's tracks by other artists. The exception will be the popular song "Colored People," which will feature the Gotee Brothers (Mac and Gotee co-founder Joey Elwood). Pop-punk juggernaut Relient K is currently slated to cover "Between You and Me," while Sarah Kelly will reportedly tackle "What If I Stumble," and 4th Avenue Jones' will bring its unique sound to the title track.

Click on over to Gotee.com for the full tentative lineup. The record is scheduled to release in June
- Ben 

Free At Last Special Edition - Click to view! FREE AT LAST SPECIAL EDITION (2002)
A CD+DVD release, Free At Last Special Edition features the previously-unreleased Free At Last: The Movie as well as the original CD (revisited in some places). Not only does this help tide floundering dc Talk fans over, but it also provides an insightful look into their history and the life of a hit Christian band.

Solo - Click to view!
SOLO EP (2001)
Fans pore over even their most obscure performances, commonplace remarks, and trivial nuances. Critics believe that the three guys have piggybacked on studio musicians and producers to get where they are as Christian music's first superstars (and wearing that label comfortably). Whichever side of the debate one's on, the choice of each dc talk member to go Solo holds much promise. Read full review...

Intermission: the Greatest Hits - Click to view!
To tide the fans over until their next big thing, Intermission features a quality collection of their best so far, pulling together 15 classic tracks and two new recordings for a non-stop 80 minutes of dc Talk.

Supernatural - Click to view!
What to expect from a group that has consistently refocused their sound from rap to Jesus Freak? Obviously something unexpected, new, different, and beyond the limits of today's Christian music ~ something Supernatural. Toby McKeehan, Michael Tait and Kevin Max have wrapped a clearer gospel message in an advanced framework of alternative grooves, pop tunes, and some original rock. Read full review...

Welcome to the Freak Show - Click to view!
Over an hour of live dc Talk action! Includes covers of "It's the End of the World as We Know It" and "Help", plus hits "So Help Me God", "Colored People", "In The Light", "Jesus Freak", and many more.

Jesus Freak - Click to view!
Toby McKeehan, Michael Tait, and Kevin Max finally "unrapped" themselves back in 1995 when they released what would soon be the best known album in the Christian music industry, Jesus Freak. All in all, this is an album symbolizing the evolution of dc Talk from 1989 to what they have become today, and a journey through faith and what it means to walk the Christian walk. Read full review...

Free at Last - Click to view!
Pulling away from their rap roots, Free at Last tones down the rap a bit, and goes for better music. One could justly say that it was the turning point in dc Talk's career: a must for any and every fan.

Nu Thang - Click to view!
NU THANG (1990)
Take a moment and imagine you're in the early 90's. Better yet, just take a look at the Nu Thang CD cover. You're entering an age of brightly colored clothing, of puffy hair, of men wearing fanny-packs over sweatshirts... well, ok, maybe that's just Toby Mac. At any rate, Nu Thang is from a different period of musical history. As such, it really only appeals to two groups of people: fans of the corny, synthesized sound of early 90's pop or hardcore DC Talk fans like yours truly. Read full review...

dc Talk - Click to view!
DC TALK (1989)
dc Talk's debut recording features a heavy rap influence--fans can see where tobymac's rap roots were formed.

Flash, fun official site has lots of sounds, video clips, and much more. Fun to visit once, but (hardly) ever updated.

Chock-full of info, this is the place to find all the info now that dc Talk have gone solo, covering all their solo projects and giving other special features.

Ardent Enthusiast: Unofficial dc Talk Site
The largest and best unofficial site on the web, this one has all the info you've been looking for.

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