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CDs Worth A Second Spin Vol. 2


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Get some CDs for Christmas that you were kind of "iffy" about? Maybe Santa stuffed your stockings with some artists you've never heard of, or some groups you'd normally never listen to. Before you get quick to judge, abandon any ideas you have of using your new music as a torture device on your little brother or sister and run them a second time through your CD player. Notice any differences?

Truth be told, some albums just won't reel in listeners on the first cast. The second time around, however, you just might feel a growing attachment to that disc you were planning to run through the trash compactor a few minutes ago. To prevent anyone from making that mistake, cMW brings you ten CDs worth a second spin. These are albums that might not make a huge impression after hearing them only once, but are liable to cause at least a dent when given another chance.

Audio Lessonover? - delirious?
delirious? - Audio Lessonover?
Honestly, this is going to be a CD that fans of traditional d: anthems will be disappointed in. AL? has a unique style all its own, unlike anything heard on previous albums such as Mezzamorphis and Glo. The good news is that Audio Lessonover? is the most artistic and musically brilliant of the band's works thus far. Drawing from early 1960-70s styles ("Bicycle Gasoline" sounds like something ripped fresh off of a Beatles album), it appears that the members of Delirious? have aced their latest music lesson.
Legacy Vol. 1: The White Songbook - Joy Electric
Joy Electric - Legacy Vol. 1: The White Songbook
Synth-pop isn't for everyone. Granted, everyone should give it a chance, especially with Joy E's latest album, The White Songbook. Abandoning their happy-go-lucky sugarcoated style of records past, Ronnie Martin and crew turn towards a deeper and darker way of telling a fairy tale. The songs on the record are even divided into "chapters" and "subchapters," from the techno should-be-a-dance-club-hit "A New Pirate Traditional" to the reflective and relaxing "Unicornucopia."
Learning to Breathe - Switchfoot
Switchfoot - Learning to Breathe
Learning to Breathe is Switchfoot's most introspective and interesting album yet and is one not to be passed by. Sleeper hits like "Dare You to Move" and "Love is the Movement" drive home powerful messages, while straight rockers "Poparazzi" and "You Already Take Me There" make the album well worth its price. Other than having several other songs in the upcoming feature film, A Walk to Remember, these guys are just a cool band. Don't wait until the movie hits theaters... check them out now.
Third Verse - Smalltown Poets
Smalltown Poets - Third Verse
On the brink of obscurity, Smalltown Poets is a band not getting much attention these days. The reason why is a mystery, seeing as Third Verse is littered with smooth, passionate rock songs. Energy surges through songs like "Every Reason" and "100 Billion Watts," but the more laid-back tracks, including "Any Other Love" and "Beautiful Scandalous Night," are where the Poets really live up to their name.
Shine: The Hits - Newsboys
Newsboys - Shine: The Hits
Surprise, surprise! The Newsboys have FINALLY managed to crank out a few decent songs! Not only does this album contain all of their past greatest hits, but there's also no trace of any Love, Liberty, Disco tracks! (Hmmm, wonder what happened there?) With three totally new songs, one remix, the infamous "Newsboys MegaMix," and not to mention all of the past fan favorites, there's something on here to please everyone.
Disappear - PFR
PFR - Disappear
The triumphant return of PFR isn't exactly what you'd expect from the band we all know and love. Instead of producing another album of solid rock tunes, Disappear contains meaningful lyrics written from the heart of three guys who desire to serve God. Their new musical style can be closely described as U2 meets Savage Garden. While it's a little slack as a rocker, it's a disc that will definitely make you think, provided you give it a chance to.
What Matters Most - Wes King
Wes King - What Matters Most
After a four year absence from the music scene, Wes King returned on the artist-friendly Word Artisan label with a truly artistic work, What Matters Most. Exploring issues such as faith, love, and family, King delivers what is by far his best album to date. Though the acoustic sound may not be immediately accessible to listeners, the musicianship on this album makes it well worth the repeated listens. Don't simply give it one listen and then relegate to a place on your CD shelf. Not only will you miss some excellent guitar work and musicianship, but you'll also miss the excellent lessons that are offered to listeners on this jewel.
This Is Your Life - Out of Eden
Out of Eden - This is Your Life
These three sisters have been cranking out some sweet Christian urban grooves for years, but their latest album set to release later this month is sure to throw fans a curve. Adapting to the popular "teen pop" genre of the decade, cuts like "Different Now" and the title track will give teenagers a fresh alternative to groups like Destiny's Child. Look for it to release later this month.
Momentum - TobyMac
TobyMac - Momentum
Pop and hip-hop combine on tobyMac's solo debut, possibly showing where dc Talk would have ended up had they kept their rap influences. Listeners who shy away from rap-core may back off during the disc's first few tracks, but be sure to listen for the heart of the album, displayed through songs such as "Love Is In the House," "Do You Know," and "In The Air." As if that wasn't reason enough, you'll want to give this CD a second listen anyway just to make sure you heard right when Toby voices the lyric, "Nobody ever told me that my doodoo stunk."
Falling Down - steve
steve - Falling Down
Definitely not another delirious?, but these British rockers aren't far off the mark. In fact, they also sound like Jars of Clay, dc Talk, All Star United, The Elms, The Strokes, and various other bands all rolled into one. Not having a definite identity might turn some people off at first, but true artistry is found in the moving ballads of "M" and "I Am Here," while fun reigns on tracks such as "Hunger," "Fine," and the title track. Give Falling Down a second shot and see why the newest signee to Forefront Records is already gaining huge popularity in the Christian Rock genre.

And there you have it; our second batch of CDs Worth a Second Spin. They may not win any Doves or secure any Grammy nominations, but no doubt that these discs are worthy of a spot in everyone's CD collection. Just give them a chance, and you'll see why.
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