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So, school is getting closer to an end, and your cash savings from last summer's job at McDonald's is wearing thin. The CDs are still as expensive as ever, but you still need CDs! Well, my friend, you may not be able to afford that brand new one from the Newsboys or Jars of Clay, but there's still a lot of music to buy! Yes, through the miracle of MusicForce.com's amazing online superstore, they can eat up all the extra stuff that makes those old CDs expensive. Although they have hundreds of CDs for less than a Big Mac meal, don't expect them to all be winners. In this feature series, we will separate the wheat from the chaff, just for you. To introduce this column, this is a quick round up of all the previously reviewed items on cMusicWeb.com that are currently only $4. So, dump out that penny jar and buy some CDs!

Sixpence None the Richer (self-titled)
Uncommon it is for an established, five-year running band to be defined by a mega-megahit on national radio. Yet such is the case for Sixpence None the Richer and the lovable "Kiss Me" single; the stereotype - that a trite love song summarizes the band's heart and intent - is easily overcome after one listen to their self-titled project. Sixpence None the Richer realizes their tremendous combined potential on this self-titled masterpiece. Read full review...
International Anthems for the Human Race - All Star United
If you've heard ASU's first release, you've already noticed that this is no ordinary Christian rock band. True to their name, All Star United has toured worldwide since their self-titled debut; to Sweden, Russia, Belgium, India...the list goes on. Their sophomore release, International Anthems for the Human Race is a reflection upon those experiences. Once again, Ian Eskelin takes the helm at penning lyrics and singing lead vocals for the eleven tracks (and a few extras) on this excellent follow-up to the band's first album. Full review...
Invention - Phil Keaggy, Wes King, Scott Dente
Both unruly and reposing, the guitarist trio of Phil Keaggy, Wes King, and Scott Denté (KKD) combined forces at the apex of their careers to frame this Invention. These eleven songs feature seven purely guitar tracks, and four with lyrics. These 'inventors,' if you will, evidently relished tinkering with dozens of techniques and the latest effects equipment at their disposal. But amid all that amplification, Invention evokes fondness for the touch of God, and desire for more of Him. Read full review...
Anybody Out There? - Burlap To Cashmere
Rare is a musical discovery so dramatic that it changes the entire outlook of a genre. In what could be best described as Caedmon's Call and Big Tent Revival meeting over salsa and chips on a sun-bleached afternoon in Gibraltar, seven piece band Burlap to Cashmere premiere with this project. Their approach is a real breath of fresh air: your third or fourth time through some hard-hitting track, you really get the point of the lyrics. Profound truth can change your life. Through deep insight and spiritual emphasis, they really strike a chord in acoustic music. Read full review...
Point #1 - Chevelle
POINT #1 - CHEVELLE (1999)
Call them intellectual punk, relaxed fit rock, or concentrated bass groove-the only label that sticks for Squint's new band is Chevelle. Brothers Pete (vocals, guitar), Joe (bass) and Sam (drums) Loeffler pack a real punch in their debut's eleven tracks, journeying from fallen nature ("Point #1"), to the healing, vision and freedom God wills. The Loeffler brothers have for years been hard at work engineering their Chevelle...now we're enjoying the ride as they floor their vehicle on a tarred pavement of images and emotion. Full review...
Unfazed - The Waiting
The four guys from Atlanta have redefined themselves to a more accessible alternative sure to please listeners everywhere. From the opening "o--o-o" of the title track, this Cd promised to be a different experience than the Waiting's other incredible efforts. Read full review...
Roaring Lambs - Various
We've seen it happen over and over again. In an attempt to bring excitement about an album, the record company will advertise it for months only to raise expectations too high and prove that hype can be deadly to a CD. The exception: Roaring Lambs. Despite plenty of advertisement, this release lives up to expectations in many ways. The line up includes artists who are well-known and respected in the Christian community, but more importantly, who have leapt outside of Christian boundaries, landed in the middle of a culture of hungry lions, and roared back. Read full review...
Them - PfR
THEM - PFR (1996)
With the exception of their "best of" album The Late, Great PFR, and their cameo in the recent Roaring Lambs project, Them was the last studio album PFR recorded before calling it quits. A milestone in Christian rock, Them features some of the best music of the 90s decade, still a fresh experience despite being a few years old. Sadly enough, the album has been overlooked by many. The overall theme that PFR tries to pull across the span of the disc is spirituality vs. the material culture. Read full review...
With Abandon - Chasing Furies
From the melodious piano solo that opens the CD to the ear-pleasing sound of the electric guitar that is woven throughout it, the debut album from Chasing Furies, takes the listener on a non-stop joy ride. This album's lyrics leave the usual cookie cutter lyrics of most albums behind in a cloud of dust, as Sarah and Josh dare to take the listener deeper into their minds, feelings and personal experiences. They open their audience's eyes to human frailty and the essential need for Jesus Christ. The music, is so powerful that it will surely remain planted in your head. Read full review...
Listen: Louder - Various
The idea has been revolutionary from the start: strip away the gloss, image and glamour of the EMI Christian artists (Sparrow, Star Song, forefront, Gotee, re:think), and share expressions of worship unashamedly, inviting the audience to Listen to Our Hearts. Yet this whole radical conception was bogged in musical mediocrity, confined exclusively to adult contemporary artists and songs...until now. Listen: Louder teams the artistic aptitude of Switchfoot, Chasing Furies and many others with an uncluttered, easeful atmosphere of homage directed to God. Read full review...
Gravity - Out of the Grey
Peace. Serenity. Though most youth lean toward rock music, there are times when everyone needs to relax and unwind. And for those moments in your life comes Gravity, the 1995 release that passes as the ultimate Christian cafe experience. Read full review...
4008 - Polarboy
4008 - POLARBOY (2000)
When we're drowning in the stresses and worries of everyday life, the best relief comes when we merely step back and take a breath of fresh air. This is the essence of what Polarboy has captured on their second album, 4008. Although little known about in the CHR market, listeners who have discovered this "southern alternative" band know they've latched onto something special. The songs on 4008 are consistent reminders of God's provisions and blessings, and they help to provide an escape from whatever stumbling blocks we may hit. Read full review...
X: The Birthday Album - Various
The one label ever changing, ever expanding, ever willing to test the boundaries of Christian music celebrates its 10th anniversary with a special 29-track, 2-CD project that is in itself quite different from all other compilations. The eclectic Now Cd is clearly the big draw, and has many interesting twists on celebrating the label's birthday. There's a another Cd: Then, an 18 TRACK treasure trove of radio hits spanning back to 1988. X pays tribute to the label of paradox, a home for such an alternative bunch of artists. Read full review...
Water - Between Thieves
Over a year of transformation and redefinition come to full fruition in Between Thieves sophomore release Water. While their trademark imagination and experimentation is evident, the sonic sound of keyboardist Aaron and guitarist Jimmy are absent, as these members have been replaced. The strong core of songwriter and vocalist Jason Wesson and drummer JD are enhanced greatly by new bass player James Yourman and former Glisten guitarist Josh Watkins. Water continues in the steady rhythm, solid melody and electric drive of their debut. Full review...
Triumphantine - Miss Angie
The groovy music of Miss Angie has believers everywhere dancing as they lift up the name of Jesus Christ. Angie's success has sky-rocketed since the introduction of her popular "stardusty rock" on her first album, 100 Million Eyeballs. While her musical sound has matured a bit, the eye-opening reality spoken in her lyrics is still there. Faith, Hope, Love and Peace conquer all in TRIUMPHANTINE, the sophomore release from the "Hiphiphoorayhallelujah" princess herself, Miss Angie. Full review...
Never Say Dinosaur - Various
Twelve artists representing a cross section of Christian rock and alternative artists pay tribute to the longest-running band in Christian music, the innovative inspiration to much of the Christian market, Petra. I said "Christian" a lot there, didn't I? Well, their focus has often been on expanding the limited musical confines of the church, and for this, I'm thankful. Anyway, the real issue is how these other artists did covering Petra's stuff. Several tracks are listenable repeatedly, for their remarkable musical ingenuity and deep, insightful lyrics. Read full review...
A Night in Rocketown - Various
As a newcomer's introduction to this label family, or as a complement to longtime fans' collections, A Night in Rocketown presents the greatest hits of the Rocketown label in a laid-back, personal style at Orlando's Hard Rock Live venue. If you're looking to sample some new pop songs, or simply want to laugh along with Chris Rice, spend A Night in Rocketown getting to know these warm, musically-inclined personalities. Read full review...

Amazingly, you can buy all those CDs for the price of 4 or 5 brand spakin' new discs! Hope you enjoyed it, and next time we'll be back with more money savers that we do not already have on cMusicWeb.com.
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