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[ by ben forrest ]


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The dumbest questions come last, but I'm hoping strongly that singer Trey, axe-toting Jason and drummer Chris of recent Flicker signees Everyday Sunday will answer them. Only the latter bites, perhaps because nobody ever asks drummers anything except "Do you resent the amount of attention your lead singer gets?" and "What kind of sticks do you use?" He tells me that if Ben and Jerry made a flavour of ice cream modeled after him it would be called "Drummerman" ice cream. It would taste "just like Superman ice cream," he says, which, incidentally, is his favourite flavour. And we leave things there, me satisfied with the fact that I've just gotten a rock star to answer an interesting (to me) but probably stupid (to everyone else) question, and him with an idea to pitch to the honchos at a certain Vermont-based dairy product manufacturer.

Incidentally, Everyday Sunday likely won't make it to Vermont this year. Their tour schedule will find them in Florida, New England, Washington, Oklahoma and various other points in the United States, but ski trips or afternoon tea with the von Trapps aren't likely. Just thought you'd like to know.

And unlike many bands signed to Christian labels, they won't spend much time in Nashville. "We have no desire to move there," says singer Trey, "nor will we ever move there." Chris, whose last name is Hines, reveals why: "I made promises to friends that I would hang myself [if I 'went country']. Who knows, if I moved there, I might fall in love with [country music]. Then I'd be dead!"

So, for now, home is Columbus, OH, where the various band members (which also include guitarist Andrew Martin and bassist Dan Hunter) grew up and where most of them attended the same youth group. They spare me the details regarding their contract with Flicker Records (founded and run by members of Audio Adrenaline) but insist it didn't fall into their laps. "We signed... after knocking on many doors," says Trey. Hines insists that they paid their dues, having gained "a good independent following" and making a "high-quality independent CD," which he maintains was the main reason their deal came about.

It should be mentioned, however, that none of the band members is older than 23. If they were ever starving artists, they weren't starving long.

Their first post-contract CD was released in 2002, and seems the product of endless hours of studio time. Each track has the same impeccable, glossy, seamless feel of a Linkin Park album, with similar breathless pauses between songs. Hines admits that the band ran through "a bunch" of takes before finalizing a song, and acknowledges that it was, initially, hard to reproduce that kind of sound in a live show. Still, says Trey, they pride themselves on being more than studio musicians. "We do not consider ourselves amazing musicians by any means," he says, "but we care about what we do. And being professionals, we strive to be the best at grabbing the crowd, and giving them a night to remember."

It's worth mentioning that a new album is being worked on as I write, and will be in stores on May 18. The biggest difference will likely be the addition of another guitarist (the aforementioned Jason Seimer, who also wrote five or six of the songs they expect will be on the final cut), but sophomore jitters haven't been a major part of the equation thus far. "I think we have prepared the best we possibly could have for this," says Trey. "I was probably already working on 6 or 7 ideas for songs for this record before we finished the last one. So, we've never been too stressed about the whole thing. And we're more than stoked about what we have to share with everyone this time around. I can only hope we keep the same habits for the next album."

The same energetic, adrenaline-induced qualities present in Stand Up (interestingly titled, since it was hard to listen to most of its cuts in an easy chair) have been retained.

Until the album is released and probably long after, Everyday Sunday will be "working" almost everyday (including some Sundays), playing ten shows in eight states in the next month. I'm a little disappointed to hear that they'll be travelling in an RV, though, rather than the VW van that adorns Stand Up's cover. "We just found [the van] in Malibu at the beach when we were doing our photo shoot," says Trey, "and thought it would be fun to do some pictures in."

And in the meantime, I'll continue to mosey on, wondering but never knowing what Trey's favourite flavour of ice cream is. I'll know this, though: Jason is fond of "sherbert" (as he calls it) "or sorbet. Whatever."
- Ben Forrest
February 2004
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