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The dumbest questions come last, but I'm hoping strongly that singer Trey, axe-toting Jason and drummer Chris of recent Flicker signees Everyday Sunday will answer them. Only the latter bites, perhaps because nobody ever asks drummers anything except "Do you resent the amount of attention your lead singer gets?" and "What kind of sticks do you use?" He tells me that if Ben and Jerry made a flavour of ice cream modeled after him it would be called "Drummerman" ice cream. It would taste "just like Superman ice cream," he says, which, incidentally, is his favourite flavour. And we leave things there, me satisfied with the fact that I've just gotten a rock star to answer an interesting (to me) but probably stupid (to everyone else) question, and him with an idea to pitch to the honchos at a certain Vermont-based dairy product manufacturer. Read full article...

Trey Pearson (vocals)
Christopher Allen Hines (drums, percussion)
Daniel James Hunter II (bass)
Andrew Martin (guitar, background vocals)
Jason Paul Seimer (guitar)

Anthems For The Imperfect - Click to view! ANTHEMS FOR THE IMPERFECT (2004)
The sophomore disc from Everyday Sunday shows the band has matured over the past couple years. Review coming soon!

Stand Up DVD - Click to view!
Like most of the other Collector's Series DVD's, Everyday Sunday's Stand Up is short but sweet, offering interesting asides but nothing worth repeated watching.

Stand Up - Click to view!
STAND UP (2002)
Is "radio-friendly" a good thing? On one hand, it's a compliment because it implies that everyone will at least be able to tolerate it, and most will probably love it. On the other hand, it usually means a very "safe" form of music. It never stretches any boundaries and never attempts to invent something new; it is satisfied to rehash old cliches and recycle old chord progressions. Either way, Everyday Sunday is the poster band for "radio-friendly." Most of the songs on this album fall into the pistachio pudding of the grossly average. Read full review...

A simple official site with the latest from the band, a full page of tour dates, a street team, and lots more.

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