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Welcome to 2006. As we did last year, we decided to leave the best of 2005 to those who work at magazines or get paid to do this. So, just like last year, we're gonna just list off our favorite albums that we listened to in 2005. Most of these may not have released in 2005, but who cares? It's what was on our iPods and car stereos most of the time. What does that have to do with rainbows and the '70s? Probably nothing.

KIMFLANDERS Interviewer & Concert Junkie
Happy Christmas - Various
Happy Christmas - Various
I know what you're thinking. First, how could a Christmas album be found on a most spun list? Well, this year I put away my copy after the New Year and got it out before Thanksgiving, allowing me to experience the "happiness" longer. Second, why is Happy Christmas Volume 4, released this year, not on your list? Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that Volume 4 recycles old songs. You should also know that I let a friend borrow the 4th one, never to see it again. To be honest, the first Happy Christmas has always been my favorite. I just adore Plankeye's revved up version of "Away in the Manger." And Pep Squad's wild rendition of "Feliz Navidad" always puts a smile on my face. Gosh, I love the whole disc!
Let It Go - Paul Colman
Let It Go - Paul Colman
I will admit, after Paul Colman Trio put out One, a CD that perhaps never spun in my player all the way through even once, I wondered how I would react to the new music when Paul Colman returned to a solo career. Paul, to me, is an entertainer before a songwriter. I chatted with him about the upcoming CD at the Creation fest last year. Paul was hoping to sit down with Martin Smith of delirious? that day to talk about some songs he was working on. When the disc came out this year in March, I determined from the first listen that Paul's collaboration with other artists paid off. Let it Go is PC3 with a twist.
Redemption Songs - Jars of Clay
Redemption Songs - Jars of Clay
I had a hint of what was to come when I heard the Jars boys play some hymns in an old church in Philadelphia as part of a rally when Bono began the One Campaign in May of 2004. A great backdrop to introduce some familiar tunes and some not so familiar tunes that are sometimes forgotten in the modern church today. When I received a copy of the disc in the mail this year, I was happy to be a part of the "Save the Hymnals" movement. (Read the CD jacket to understand more.) Older songs with a Jars bent. Now if only my church would catch on by adding some new life to these ancient words.
Nothing Is Sound - Switchfoot
Nothing Is Sound - Switchfoot
Some may be surprised that this disc hits the number 2 slot in most spun. As my t-shirt reads, "I Like Switchfoot." But when I first heard "Stars" live over a year before the disc was released, I did not like it. The lyrics are great. The guitar riffs at the beginning are spectacular. But the chorus — well, there is something lacking. I had a similar feeling when I first heard "Happy is a Yuppie Word" live about the same time. However, my anticipation for the new disc went on the increase last October in Philadelphia when Switchfoot performed "Lonely Nation" live for the first time in front of an audience. "Wow. Maybe I'll like this CD after all," I thought. Since the CD's release, "Stars" and "Yuppie" have grown on me. So much so that I traveled across the country to see the San Diego boys play in their hometown in November. I still like Switchfoot.
You Can't Trust A Ladder - The Myriad
#1. You Can't Trust A Ladder - The Myriad
In my work here at cMusicWeb, a lot of new music comes across my path. Recently, I have become jaded as I place the music into my CD player, waiting to hear yet another copycat band. Most of the copy cats missed something in the translation. Sure, there are some new artists out there who are not copy cats, but for many of those I wonder how they got a record deal. To me, it seems anyone can get label presence. Why not focus on furthering some of the older blood rather than keep pushing out so many new bands, most of whom will retire after just one or two releases? But I digress.

With that said, I was skeptical when I was handed a copy of the You Can't Trust a Ladder pre-release at GMA week in April of this year. "Thanks for another coaster," ran through my head. But since it was a band member handing me this gift, I smiled and said, "Thank you." My perception was so wrong. From the very first listen, I knew these guys had something. Perhaps it is the European influence that I gravitate towards on this disc. Even better, the melodious rock with thought-provoking lyrics make this five piece act more than just musicians. They are truly artists. And get this — all the songs do not sound the same! To top it off, their live set does not disappoint. All I can say is, "Wow!" Now I want an "I Like The Myriad" t-shirt!

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