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cMW: Describe some differences in your artist rider from your first big tour until now?

Stephen Mason: One of the things was the dry cleaning service. Basically the original rider was based off of some super rock and roll star rider. We did not really alter it until we realized that we could ask for certain things that would be more useful.

Matt Odmark: We did not do a lot of dry cleaning.

Stephen: So we cut a bunch of stuff off and our essentials now are coffee and hot water, chips and salsa...

Matt: ...and beef jerky. That goes in our stockpile with a can of pork and beans that we keep just in case...

Stephen: ...in case the world comes to some sort of short-term emergency. Read full interview...

Dan Haseltine (vocals, percussion)
Charlie Lowell (piano, organ, accordion, keys, background vocals)
Stephen Mason (guitar, vocals, lap & pedal steel, national, mandolin)
Matthew Odmark (acoustic guitar, banjo, background vocals)

Redemption Songs - Click to view! REDEMPTION SONGS (2005)
"Save the hymnals." When my eyes scrolled across those three words on the CD jacket of the latest Jars of Clay CD, they stopped. I read those words with joy. I agree. My journey to Redemption Songs started about a year ago when I spoke with the Jars boys in Nashville. When I heard that they were working on a new project with a focus on hymns, I could not wait to hear the results. Read full review...

Who We Are Instead - Click to view!
When referring to Jars of Clay fandom, you generally fall into one of three factions. First there are the Progressives, who believe that the band breaks intellectual ground, lyrically and musically, with each new album. On the opposing side we have the Regressives. These individuals believe that the world will officially end before Jars releases a better album than their self-titled debut. Read full review...

Furthermore: From the Studio, From the Stage - Click to view!
Time is a powerful weapon. It has the ability to tear down mountains, change youth into elderly, and sway even the sternest of opinions. Many people who say time is on their side are mistaken. Depending upon how we manage ourselves today, time can be either friend or foe. Whenever I look back at the young Jars of Clay from 1995, I like to think that time has treated them well. Read full review...

11ive - Click to view!
11IVE (2002)
The DVD is the latest craze in home entertainment. It boasts higher video quality than VHS, support for multiple audio tracks, and, finally, no rewinding before you give it back to Blockbuster. But not many bands have used DVD yet, especially in Christian circles. However, Jars of Clay is one band that stays on the trend, getting their DVD out before it becomes hard to find VHS copies of your favorite movies at your local store. Read full review...

The Eleventh Hour - Click to view!
“Disappear” opens The Eleventh Hour with a neoteric pop/rock vibe unlike anything the band has ever pulled off before. Dan Haseltine’s vocals cascade with a newfound energy, and the instrumental accompaniment by Charlie, Steve, and Matt is pure and vivid. 42 minutes later, “The Edge of Water” brings the album to fruition by employing a banjo and using a folksy descant to show their urge for Christ’s return. Read full review...

If I Left the Zoo - Click to view!
It takes listeners on a non-stop journey of splendid music, leaving them spiritually enlightened and musically satisfied. Because of the variation of style from song to song and its laid back tone, this is a colorful CD that is sure to be enjoyed. If I Left The Zoo is nothing short of tasty! Read full review...

Much Afraid - Click to view!
With Much Afraid's release, all agree that question is certainly answered in the negative. Eleven tracks of profound honesty, undying passion and tender insight, with the listener gaining as much from the acoustic backdrop as the multidimensional lyrics. Read full review...

Drummer Boy EP - Click to view!
DRUMMER BOY EP (2nd Edition) (1997)
This one came out soon after, re-released with both "Little Drummer Boy" mixes, plus a new remix of "Blind" and an instrumental piece called "Wicker Baskets".

Drummer Boy EP - Click to view!
Perhaps there is a sliver of hope for fans that the Jars boys will one day record a full length Christmas album, but until then, count on the Drummer Boy EP for a dose of delightful holiday spirit. It takes its audience on a flashback to the early sound of Jars of Clay, while celebrating the joyous birth of Jesus. Read full review...

Jars of Clay - Click to view!
After almost 5 years, three albums, multiple awards and honors, and countless concerts, Jars of Clay has successfully won a place in the hearts of fans and listeners worldwide. The Jars' guys have come a long way in such a short time, and this is the album that started it all. A must have for anyone's CD collection. Read full review...

Updated somewhat often, Jars' official website sports a groovy, Flash 5 enhanced design along with some photos and extras not found on other sites.

The Jars World
Recently revamped, Jars World is, without a doubt, the most in-depth Jars site on the net. Whether it's trivia, recent news, radio stats, or whatever else you can think of, they have it.

jarchives.com has the best history of Jars available, and provides readers with an excellent archive of Jars reviews, interviews, and articles.

Jars of Prayer
A prayer group dedicated to lifting the Jar boys up in prayer by praying for their protection and witness.

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