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2001 cMusicWeb.com Award Winners


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Polling is always a chancy thing; the writers are silenced, and a small slice of readers choose who gets the spotlight. The winners in the 2001 cMusicWeb.com Awards, some by just one vote, aren't any cMusicWeb writer's first choice. But that's okay. With our "different approach to music," the unlikely winners will be taken as a challenge to cover more of your favorite artists.

rockAll Star United and Learning to Breathe pics BEST ARTIST: All Star United
BEST ALBUM: Learning to Breathe by Switchfoot

Fun, rollicking All Star United landed the "Best Rock Artist" title, without a new album and even while parting ways with Essential Records. Word from ASU's official site tells of a new album, with no label mentioned yet. After showing listeners a "New Way" to see life, Switchfoot returned with Learning to Breathe, an always-in-motion project built on new experiences. It easily won as 2000's "Best Rock Album."
alternativeIntermission: The Greatest Hits - dc Talk BEST ARTIST: dc Talk
BEST ALBUM: Intermission: The Greatest Hits by dc Talk

Everyone has an opinion about this "decent Christian" threesome, called either the industry's worst imitators, or greatest innovators. The majority of our readers think the latter, with dcT's well-conceived 'best-of' album--along with an engaging TV special--garnering them both alternative music awards. Watch for this year's upcoming solo debuts from Toby, Michael, and Kevin.
popGenuine - Stacie Orrico BEST ARTIST: Stacie Orrico
BEST ALBUM: Genuine by Stacie Orrico

A tragic blow to Christian music's credibility, the arrest of Raze's Ja'Marc (see story here) disqualified the group from winning as "Best Pop Artist." Thus, newcomer Stacie Orrico sweeps away the pop categories, a textured vocalist singing "redeemed" teen-pop ditties. Behind the 12 year-old diva by a count of one, the tunes of VeggieTales continue to be a hit with kids, students, and anyone with a taste for clever humor.
worshipdelirious? and Offerings pics BEST ARTIST: delirious?
BEST ALBUM: Offerings by Third Day

With the highest win margin of any category, delirious? is unquestionably the year's "Best Worship Artist." Their fourteen-track explosion Glo refocused d: with a fluid, uncensored approach to congregational song--even as their next rock album goes to post-production. Bringing a divine God-excitement to the masses, worshipers Third Day are also planning a follow-up; their best-selling album to date, Offerings beat out all other contenders in the "Best Worship Album" category.
otherEartsuit and Carman Pics BEST NEW ARTIST: Earthsuit

Electronica/rock band Earthsuit cut through intense competition to be chosen as 2000's "Best New Artist," their music a rap-inflected delivery of the gospel message. Depsite his cheerleading lyrics and flashy demeanor, Sparrow's "Worst Artist" Carman continues to find an audience for his brand of homogenized cheese. Readers also gave a thumbs-down to imitative boy band Plus One.
otherLearning to Breathe, The Dome Tour, and City on a Hill Pics. BEST ALBUM PACKAGING: Learning to Breathe
BEST LIVE SHOW: The Dome Tour: The Newsboys

Glossy and blue-dominated, the cover of Switchfoot's new release proved a favorite for design critics, though Kim Thomas' City On A Hill artwork was just one vote behind. That Steve Hindalong-produced gem, voted the Best Special Event project, magnified Christ with illustrative duets of Sixpence None the Richer, Jars of Clay, and others. Named Best Live Show, the Newsboys' drum platform and inflatable dome proved a big draw for fans of their synthetic rock music.

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