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Meanderings by josh m. shepherd
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Fantasy is for strange folk. Used correctly, the style takes an actual thing (say a ring) and gives it some peculiar power that it never could never realistically have. Or perhaps the writer makes up, with much intricacy, millennia of olden times that seem to culminate in a single moment.

Meanderings was first published in The Oracle, the student publication of Oral Roberts University. An examination of various Lord of the Rings topics, the 5-part series addresses those who say that fantasy is "A load of 'what ifs' on the same level with Mary Poppins!" Yes, and no. Professor J.R.R. Tolkien's work does depend on bending reality, and he saw nothing unholy about using his mind for sheer enjoyment. Brilliance shines in how the professor's beliefs play out in the story (something P.L. Travers and Walt Disney can't say about Ms. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious).

To return to the examples of a ring and absurdly involved histories, readers might end up considering their present state of mind and spirit—as in, "How do I respond to temptation?" or "Have I gone away from my true destiny?" Muddle through the details of The Lord of the Rings and you'll see lofty ideas made flesh and bone—or at least enjoy the birthday parties and sword fights.

A Disclaimer for the Entire Series.
To those more 'serious' Tolkien fans, I admit to simplifying some of the great Oxford writer's work: it is the only way a non-academic like myself can understand it.

#1: The Hobbit
#2: A Brief Middle-Earth History
#3: Elves and Ego
#4: Sub-creation and Peter Jackson
#5: Fangorn and the Church

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