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Mojo (vocals)
Tony (bass)
Chief (trumpet)
Dan (trombone)
Ethan (guitar)

Faith of a Child - Click to view! FAITH OF A CHILD (2005)
For the last number of years, the O.C. Supertones have enjoyed doing a worship set at their live shows (as shown on their album Live Vol. 1). As a final farewell and to show that it's all about God, the band has put together an album full of worship favorites as well as a couple of their more worshipful songs.

Unite - Click to view!
UNITE (2005)
2005 has proven to be the last year of the Supertones. And just in time for their last tours, the band delivers Unite, a collection of the best from the band. Also, just to make sure the hardcore fans will get it, there's a couple new songs thrown in too.

Revenge of the O.C. Supertones - Click to view!
After taking the road less traveled with Hi-Fi Revival, an oft-frowned-upon departure from their ska roots, Revenge of the O.C. Supertones finds the said band meandering back home. We'd love to see them get there too, since efforts like Chase the Sun and The Supertones Strike Back helped put ska on the map. Unfortunately it appears the Supertones forgot to drop the bread crumbs this time around. Read full review...

Hi-Fi Revival DVD - Click to view!
Your typical Collector's Series DVD, Hi-Fi Revival includes the token two music videos from Hi-Fi Revival and a behind-the-scenes look at Supertones' zaniness.

Hi-Fi Revival - Click to view!
Attend church services all your life, and odds are you'll hear the same sermon more than once. What benefits does this bestow? Aside from saving the pastor from having to write another sermon for a week, not much. Listening to The O.C. Supertones' Hi-Fi Revival is like attending one thousand of the same church services in one day. Read full review...

O.C. Supertones Live Volume 1 - Click to view!
LIVE VOLUME 1 (2002)
Live recordings as a whole have generally failed to impress me. Therefore I was adamantly skeptic when The Supertones released Live! Volume 1, a collection of hits performed live in Seattle, Washington, during their Loud and Clear Tour. Determined to prove myself wrong, I listened, listened again, and then listened some more, and I can securely say that from the opening repeated chanting of "Supertones!" to the final chord of "Strike Back," I remained avidly bored. Read full review...

Loud and Clear - Click to view!
The Supertones strike back...again...with Loud and Clear, their fourth album and quite a superb follow up to their previous project, Chase the Sun. With a more Christ-driven message and a greater emphasis on rock, the 'Tones launch a new array of songs based on their own personal spiritual experiences. Read full review...

Chase the Sun - Click to view!
Few bands know how to party like the Orange County Supertones. When they burst onto the scene in the early 90's, they took the Christian market by storm with their bold, in-your-face ska stylings. Alas, times have changed, and ska is now more or less pushing up daisies, forcing the Supertones to evolve into a more contemporary band. Read full review...

Supertones Strike Back - Click to view!
You thought the 'Tones were gone? Man, were you ever wrong. We've got salsa, we've got spice, we've got mean and we've got nice. Check out our suits, check out our sound, we'll love ya in a bound! Watch out, folks, the Supertones are here!

The Adventures of the O.C. Supertones - Click to view!
Think that guys in suits and armed with horns can't be superheros? Think again. The Supertones are here to bring you California's love with a twist of faith. This is retro, this is fun, and there's tons of it. Get ready for the musical adventures of your life.

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