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Joel Hanson (vocals, guitar)
Patrick Andrew (bass, vocals)
Mark Nash (drums)

Disappear - Click to view! DISAPPEAR (2001)
The boys have finally resurrected themselves with a new full-length studio album. With each of the three members having something new to contribute, Disappear is the strongest showing yet of the band's unique mesh. Whether it's seeking God's redemption and grace, struggling with brokenness, or celebrating renewal, PFR captures each moment beautifully and meaningfully in such a way that we can all relate. Read full review...

The Late, Great PFR - Click to view!
Though they've rematerialized and broken up once more since then, PFR's disappearance from the Christian music scene in 1997 was to some the equivalent of seeing their puppy squashed flat by a Mack truck. Ok, so maybe not that serious, but saying that Joel Hanson, Mark Nash, and Patrick Andrew had affected the lives of their listeners would surely be an understatement. Read full review...

Them - Click to view!
THEM (1996)
With the exception of their "best of" album The Late, Great PFR, and their cameo in the recent Roaring Lambs project, Them was the last studio album PFR recorded before calling it quits. A milestone in Christian rock, Them features some of the best music of the 90s decade, still a fresh experience despite being a few years old. Sadly enough, the album has been overlooked by many. Read full review...

Great Lengths - Click to view!
Starting to move into more rock territory, Great Lengths is a prime example of what made PFR so popular. Combining the Beatles' harmonies with modern-day pop instruments, they presented CCM with challenging lyrics and golden moments unlike any other Christian band at that time.

Goldie's Last Day - Click to view!
Who is Goldie? A goldfish. Before you laugh, listen to this tearjerker of a title track and then move on to the rest of the album. Though this is from PFR's early years (when they were more into pop than rock), the songwriting promise is there, and how can you not respect a band that writes a farewall tune to Goldie?

Pray for Rain - Click to view!
Yep, that's quite an album cover. Of course, PFR isn't your typical band, either. Storming into the music world with seamless pop music, PFR also crashed into the hearts of many who would become future fans despite the album cover.

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