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cMusicWeb.com: Why the gap in time and what made you decide to come back to recording?
Michael Johnston: It was the strangest thing. I walked into this wardrobe and all of a sudden I was in a different world. Wait wait wait. No. That was The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. That is totally not reality at all.

Well, there are a lot of factors that [come into play]. What probably seems like a bigger gap in time to some people — maybe due to a few factors like changes in a record company and life changes and things like that. And also some trends in music. It's probably not telling you anything you don't know but Christian music over the last five years has really leaned a lot more toward corporate worship — the worship leader as an artist. Even bands that were not necessarily focused on that have sort of adopted that as well. And I actually have no problem with that so I do not mention that as something I am bitter at all. I think Christian music ought to be music for the church. That is what the church is embracing and that is what the industry feels that it needs to focus on, that is really cool. Read full interview...

Michael Johnston (lead vocals, guitar)
and others...

It's Later Than It's Ever Been - Click to view! IT'S LATER THAN IT'S EVER BEEN (2004)
Although most genealogists would be hard-pressed to prove it, Michael Johnston and Tom Scholz could very well be related. Scholz, for those too young to remember (or too old to bother), was the M.I.T. grad student and leader of the quintessentially '70s fivesome Boston, whose self-titled first effort hit the Top 5 in 1976, produced still-popular classic rock radio staples like "Long Time" and "More than a Feeling," and went on to become the biggest-selling rock debut in history. Read full review...

Third Verse - Click to view!
Yet another release of the Smalltown Poets' intelligent rock sound.

Listen Closely - Click to view!
The Poets are back with their sophomore album, Listen Closely. Search high and low, but a better title for this project will not be found. There is a wealth of subtle nuances and profound truths that will only be noticed by those who are willing to pay attention. The Wisdom of Proverbs whispers in the lyrics of these songs, just waiting to teach you something about life, about God, about how you should view things.
Read full review...

Smalltown Poets - Click to view!
Any performers calling themselves "poets" set high hopes for music aficionados, especially on their debut. These Smalltown lyricists don't disappoint, apprehending the fierceness and delectation of life from a spry, unconformed standpoint. The first five tracks are remarkably cultivated, a pop/rock symphony unequaled by most of today's artists. Read full review...

A fun collage of a main page holds lots of info and gives the idea that the Poets are eclectic art rockers.

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