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Check out our exclusive interview with Todd Olsen of the Waiting, where he talks about his latest album, the next album, the Lord of the Rings, and the band's move to Inpop Records. Read full interview...

Brad Olsen (vocals, acoustic guitar)
Todd Olsen (guitars, keyboards, harmonica, vocals)
Clark Leake (bass, boomwhacker)
Brandon Thompson (drums, percussion, loops, keyboards, vocals)

Wonderfully Made - Click to view! WONDERFULLY MADE (2001)
Joy. We all search for it; we all long for it; we all despair when we discover that we can't produce it on our own. And then, when we thought all hope was gone, joy finds us and takes us on a journey like no other. It is easy to mistake the journey for the answer, however, and in the valleys we begin to think that joy is gone forever when it suddenly pulls us up and takes us to a higher hill. It is based on these experiences that The Waiting have given us Wonderfully Made. Read full review...

Unfazed - Click to view!
UNFAZED (1998)
The four guys from Atlanta have redefined themselves to a more accessible alternative sure to please listeners everywhere. From the opening "o--o-o" of the title track, this CD promised to be a different experience than the Waiting's other incredible efforts. Read full review...

Blue Belly Sky - Click to view!
The Waiting have re-released their indie album that delivers a depth, sincerity and diversity found nowhere else in Christian music. Their mix of guitar, bass, drums and Brad Olsen's unique vocals complement the lyrics with deep emotion and driving intensity, often using bizarre effects to make you listen.

The Waiting - Click to view!
Their major-label debut is still called by many their best, with moody emo-rock and a raw, excellent alternative mix which glides effortlessly with their discerning, faith-filled perspective of life. Read full review...

Far beyond a good band site, The Waiting's official site (mastered by drummer Brandon Thompson) features comprehensive band information, news briefs, guitar tabs, original independent releases, updated tour schedule, and a guest book with a lot of really great opinions.

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