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The Waiting
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The Waiting - Click to view! It all began with the release of their self titled CD--actually their third full-length album. Brad, Todd, Clark and Brandon had been playing the Southwest U.S. for half a decade before the contract with Sparrow gave them national recognition, and their huge fan base. The Waiting's discerning, faith-filled perspective of life glides effortlessly on the band's raw, excellent alternative mix. There's something for all to appreciate in The Waiting: while I gain a lot from the message, guitarists rave over Todd Olsen's licks and others enjoy Brad's expressive spontaneity on vocals and the frequent counterharmony. With it's moody emo-rock, this major-label debut is still called by many their best. The opener marvels at the glory of the Lord and His brightness that we could all "Never Dim." The quirky "coo-coo-coo" begins "How Do You Do That?," a cut that concludes that all education and worldly knowledge will never explain Jesus Christ's lovingkindness towards us. "It is Enough" and the Dove Award nominated single "Hands In the Air" are beautiful tracks of contemplative pop/praise. The Southern directness of the band shines through in "Put the Blame On Me," "Number 9" and "No Time for That." Profound paradox can be seen in "Better Off as Friends," written in the perspective of a Christian trying to rationalize having a shallow relationship with God instead of the love relationship He desires with each one of us. The jangly pop song "Indian Summer" and an e-bow enhanced "Beautiful Blood" close these twelve tracks of deep feeling and true intimacy.
- Josh M. Shepherd
April 1999
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