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Adrienne Liesching (vocals)
Mac Pautz (guitar)
Chris Poisat (guitar)
Costa Balamatsias (bass)
Nick Volsteedt (drums)

The Benjamin Gate disbanded late 2003, several months after lead singer Adrienne Liesching announced her engagement to fellow artist Jeremy Camp. Currently, it is not known what the musical future holds for the other members of TBG.

Contact DVD - Click to view! CONTACT DVD (2003)
A final gift to fans, this DVD will be a bittersweet release for fans. Giving them one last chance to revel in the infectious rock sounds of this South African band, the Contact DVD is sure to receive more than a token spin.

Contact - Click to view!
CONTACT (2002)
When the music industry as a total is getting stagnant with assembly line produced music, a fresh step from the lady and gents of TBG clears things right up. All throughout Contact, listeners find themselves totally immersed in a swirling torrent of guitar crunching and strumming adventure. Adventure? Yep, adventure. Read full review...

Untitled - Click to view!
"Of Benjamin he [Moses] said: 'The beloved of the Lord shall... dwell between His shoulders,'" reads Deuteronomy 33:12. Final words from an Old Testament patriarch are an odd source for understanding a 21st century rock band. But Moses's words speak all too directly of South Africa-born The Benjamin Gate, who cling to their Father's knees like children, always wanting to be held. Read full review...

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