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Cinjun Tate (vocals)
Jeffrey Cain (guitar)
Gregory Slay (drums)
Shelby Tate (guitar)
Cedric LeMoyne (bass)

The Golden Hum - Click to view! THE GOLDEN HUM (2001)
It was while watching Smallville that I discovered Remy Zero, the band who performs the Smallville theme song, "Save Me." Although the show played no more than a brief, thirty second clip, it was innovative enough: fresh, alternative guitar with a variety of hooks accompanied by resonating vocals. Those thirty seconds convinced me to run out to the local record store and pick up The Golden Hum, and what I received in return was nearly an hour of musical amazement. Read full review...

Villa Elaine - Click to view!
Villa Elaine harkens back to days when RZ was slowly gaining momentum by touring with Radiohead on the OK Computer Tour. Unfortunately many failed to recognize their talent, and Villa Elaine became an album that people only bought if they dared to try something new for a change. Back to the present. Now Villa Elaine is sought after like a rare treasure or collector's item, rewarding the lucky individuals who find it with eleven glimpses into Remy Zero's obscure past. Read full review...

Remy Zero - Click to view!
REMY ZERO (1996)
Most finished albums are more about the end of a journey, rather than the journey itself. The band's self-titled debut on DGC Records allows listeners to hear the first leg of Remy Zero's journey in its entirety.

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