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cMW: Your music does not fit into the "radio friendly" category. Sometimes I wonder if the definition of "radio friendly" will ever change. What do you think?

Mark: We have been talking a lot about that today. I honestly do not think it is going to change that much. It is just going to take people not relying on radio quite so much to find out about music. To me, I think the standards for Christian radio is a lot more narrow than general market radio, which I guess is neither here nor there. Our songs tend to be straying further and further away from being three and a half minute pop songs. I don't really see any new trends of radio music changing. It seems like people keep recycling the same formulas. I'd like to think that maybe it will change, but it hasn't in a really long time. I think we are just going to have to rely on word of mouth and other avenues of music besides radio. Read full interview...

Mark Nicks (drums, vocals, glockenspiel, keys)
Chris Susi (guitars)
Brandon Morgan (bass, artwork)

The Fires of Life - Click to view! THE FIRES OF LIFE (2004)
Enter the life of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. Enter their fire. Then realize we were never promised a Christian walk without fire. Once this reality settles, pick up Cool Hand Luke's sophomore release, The Fires of Life. Based on Isaiah 43:2 and Psalm 30:5, Mark Nicks, Chris Susi and Brandon Morgan lift scriptures and paste them right into the song, creating a mosaic of language mixed with delicate instrumentation. Read full review...

Cool Hand Luke - Click to view!
I will admit, there are few bands I like that offer ethereal, mellow music. After experiencing Wake Up, O Sleeper by Cool Hand Luke, however, I'm going to have to reconsider some of the bands I have written off and take a closer listen. Imagine sitting in one of those little coffee houses and watching the poets on stage with guitars in hand. Such is the environment I imagine Cool Hand Luke to be in as I listened to their album. Read full review...

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