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Michael Shepard (vocals, guitar, piano)
David Owen (guitar, vocals)
Victor Thomas (guitar, bass, vocals)
Adam Ladd (bass)
Matthew Putman (drums)

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Pretend You're Alive - Click to view! PRETEND YOU'RE ALIVE (2004)
Remember when you were a kid, and at night your closet would come alive with hideous green monsters of various shapes? They would creep toward your feet (you knew how they moved so you didn't need to open your eyes), anxiously waiting to nibble your toes. Did any music coincide with their crawl across the carpet? How about Lovedrug? Pretend You're Alive is the adult monster-in-the-closet dream—a world of nasal yet stunning vocals, crisp yet dirty guitars, and a hint of soft keys to tip the nursery. Read full review...

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