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Bono (vocals, guitar)
The Edge (guitar, piano, and vocals)
Adam Clayton (bass guitar)
Larry Mullen Jr. (drums and percussion)

December 17, 2005 - Familiar names dot Grammy nominee list
So we're a bit late with your rundown on this year's Grammy nominees. That's mainly because we don't pay much attention to awards shows, and the Christian artists we tend to like most aren't usually the ones nominated. But here's the rundown on the nominees we're interested in.

Kanye West is getting lots of press for his eight nods, the most of anybody other than John Legend or Mariah Carey, and frankly he deserves it. The spiritual themes on Late Registration, his recent nugget, aren't as strong as those on last year's The College Dropout but if you can get past the swearing and N-bombs (and for the record, we couldn't), it's a great listen.

Ye's opening up for cMW faves U2 on the last four dates of their North American "Vertigo" tour, meaning there will be a total of 13 potential Grammys represented on stage those nights. (Unless there's another nominated band playing those dates that isn't listed on U2's official website.)

The usual favorites dot the Christian categories: Kirk Franklin, Yolanda Adam, CeCe Winans and others will compete in the conventional Gospel categories, while Audio Adrenaline, Third Day, Jars of Clay and Amy Grant all received noms for the billionth time. The folks in Grammydom continue to baffle the logic of those of us who follow the CCM industry by including three hip-hop albums and only two rock albums in the "Best Rock Gospel Album" category.

Other miscellaneous tidbits: George Carlin is nominated for the audio version of his book When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops?; actor Sean Penn gets a nod in the same category for his reading of Bob Dylan's tome Chronicles Ė Volume One; and Canadian polka wizard Walter Ostanek is once again nominated, which tells us the Grammy voters have stopped listening. Walter hasn't put out a decent album since 1993's Accordionally Yours.

Just kidding.
- Ben 

How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb - Click to view! HOW TO DISMANTLE AN ATOMIC BOMB (2004)
After four years, we finally have a new album from U2! Coming November 23rd is the much-anticipated latest batch of songs from the legendary band.

The Best of 1990-2000 - Click to view!
THE BEST OF 1990-2000 (2002)
Walk into an art museum, and your senses will be instantly blasted by a plethora of elegant paintings, sculptures, and other mind-bending works. Some speak volumes through mere detail, some mystify and provoke deeper thinking, some shock, appall, and stir controversy - and yet all invite and intrigue the few who dare to witness them. Read full review...

Elevation 2001 DVD - Click to view!
ELEVATION 2001 DVD (2001)
U2's smash-hit, top-selling tour is packaged and ready for your TV screen. For those who can't get enough, this DVD should keep you occupied for a little while.

All That You Can't Leave Behind - Click to view!
Hearkening back to The Joshua Tree days, producers Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois are brought back to orchestrate an enjoyable pop/rock mix. The two producers consistently create a near-flawless background for Bono's passionate vocals and lyrics, and from the opening track, "Beautiful Day", to the closer "Grace", there is never a moment where the music ceases to flow in a pleasing manner.
Read full review...

The Best of U21980-1990 - Click to view!
THE BEST OF U2-1980-1990 (1998)
Taking a break from the 90's dance rock that U2 trademarked, this best of collection took fans back to the days when U2 was an edgy rock band. Collecting all their hits into one package, this CD is a good introduction for anyone who would like to check out the U2 of the 80's.

Pop - Click to view!
POP (1997)
If you want a summary of Pop, take a close look at the cover. Everything is gray except for the faces of the band members which are outlined with bold colors and shadowed with black. Although the bold colors attempt to add a more pleasant and appealing touch to the cover, they instead portray what Pop is about: frustration. Read full review...

Zooropa - Click to view!
ZOOROPA (1993)
U2 went into the studio to make an EP and came out with Zooropa, a musical and lyrical continuation of Achtung Baby. Spiritually and musically dark, this disc centers primarily on dance music, though it does have two traditional rock songs that will rock your face off.

Achtung Baby - Click to view!
Achtung Baby is a strange name for an album; a mixture of German with English slang. The name raises questions in the hearer and gives an impression of indecisiveness, of incoherence perhaps, and experimentation. But on a literal level, the words create another idea. Basically meaning "hey baby!", the name also serves as a parody of love, a kind of all-time worst pick-up line. Read full review...

Rattle and Hum - Click to view!
Momentarily turning aside from their Brit-rock roots, U2 turned themselves into an Americana band with this lengthy collection of live and studio tracks that accompanied the movie of the same name. Featuring cameos by Bob Dylan and B.B. King, this album is a must for any U2 fan.

Rattle and Hum - Click to view!
An epic DVD that will shed new light on U2's 80's years and provide lots of interesting footage.

The Joshua Tree - Click to view!
An instant classic, this 1987 release has influenced hundreds of bands and sweetened the ears of millions of fans.

Wide Awake in America EP - Click to view!
Itís often easy to deride EP releases. Most of us can probably remember excitedly purchasing one of these mini-albums only to discover that our hard-earned money could have been better spent. U2, however, is not a band to waste musical opportunity; they donít just write entertaining music, they create an experience.
Read full review...

Unforgettable Fire - Click to view!
A delicious combination of new age keyboards, passionate vocals, and climactic guitar effects.

Under a Blood Red Sky - Click to view!
This disc captures the essence of U2's early years, providing live performances of their hits from their first three studio albums.

War - Click to view!
WAR (1983)
Angry and wondering, this album includes "Sunday Bloody Sunday" and "40."

October - Click to view!
OCTOBER (1981)
U2's sophomore album.

Boy - Click to view!
BOY (1980)
The debut that includes "I Will Follow."

cMusicWeb.com's In the Name of Love Page
Our review of a disc where a bunch of cMusicWeb.com artists pay their tribute to U2 in song.

A very nice Shockwave site with lots of info on the band, their CDs, and lots more.

U2 Feedback
A constant place of discussion, this is the place to go with any U2 queries or chit-chat.

Mysterious Ways: The U2 Hidden Messages Site
An excellent resource for fans who wish to learn more about U2 and their many albums, this site lists trivial but interesting facts and notes that shed light on the thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and intelligence of U2.

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