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"God has taught me to be bold, in-your- face and challenging to everyone I come in contact. I won't back down from what God has told me to do; however, if some big secular record label wants to distribute my bold, in-your-face, challenging-people-to-live-the-Christian-life music, sure." Read full interview...

Live Worship: Blessed Be Your Name - Click to view! LIVE WORSHIP: BLESSED BE YOUR NAME (2004)
A live Rebecca St. James performance has always been amazing, and it is even more powerful with a worship focus. With this disc, fans will be able to take the live experience home. In stores February 24th.

Wait For Me - Click to view!
Rebecca's greatest hits collection presents the highlights of Rebecca's distinguished career as one of the queens of CCMland. Taking its title from her popular song about her future husband, this collection is inspiring and uplifting, a good choice for young people in the midst of growing up.
Worship God! DVD - Click to view! WORSHIP GOD DVD (2002)
Take a peek inside Rebecca's world through various music videos and other revealing snippets of film. Part of the "Collector's Series," this DVD doesn't have a lot, but it is still sure to satisfy her many fans.

Worship God! - Click to view!
Rebecca and producer Matt Bronleewe return to her rock roots (after the distinctly techno-pop sounds of Transform) for her own contribution to the Worship scene. This album proves that Rebecca St. James is not only a diva of Christian music, but also a Woman of God, and that indeed is admirable. Her passion and desire for Jesus radiates from every note and every word. Prepare to be amazed. Prepare to truly "Worship God." Read full review...

Transform - Click to view!
"All Christians do is mimic popular styles." "Yeah, and it's usually years behind!" Heard this argument before? Well, don't take it lying down. On Transform, Rebecca St. James takes today's dance beats, tomorrow's electronica rock, and some of her past acoustic influences to craft a thorough and remarkable batch of songs.
Read full review...

Pray - Click to view!
PRAY (1998)
Excellent sound effects, great tunes, and Rebecca's beautiful voice, and Rebecca's challenging lyrics make this CD another great one from Rebecca.

Christmas - Click to view!
Rebecca glorifies God with a passion and originality that so many other Christmas albums lack. Being a paradox of sound, many are unwilling to accept this project as a genuine seasonal release--while others readily embrace this long-needed revival of intelligence, passion and worship, all pointing to the redeemer of us all, the baby Jesus. Read full review...

God - Click to view!
GOD (1996)
Simply titled God, this album signaled the start of Rebecca's stardom in Christian music, and remains one of the pinnacles of her career. With searing guitars, lush orchestration, and straightforward lyrics, Rebecca fashions a tightly woven but edgy album. Rebecca and her family have an amazingly powerful ministry to today's kids and teens. Read full review...

Rebecca St. James - Click to view!
Rebecca St. James was recorded during the early years of her career, while she is developing her sound, but it still has some great songs like "Side By Side."

This is the official home of Rebecca St. James on the Web, with ReadAudio clips from every track on her CDs, RealVideos, a chat room, pictures, a Guestbook, merchandise, and much more fun.

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