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JUNE 2003
A lot can happen in two years, and that is how long it has been since cMusicWeb has talked with Owen Thomas, frontman and songwriter for The Elms. During that time, the boys have been touring, getting in wrecks, touring, playing concerts with Peter Frampton and Jars of Clay, and touring. Owen was supposed to call me at 2 p.m. But time zones could be a tricky thing, so he called at 1. "Can I call you back in an hour?" he said. "Um, sure. That's not a problem." I replied. After I win $324 in Solitaire and whip Ben, Pauline, and Michele at Hearts, Owen calls again. The interview commences. Read full interview...

For all the noble intentions, Christian bands still don't enjoy a very wide audience. Why? Aside from mediocre, sound-alike albums, the songs are often too preachy, too churchy—never hooking listeners with scenes and ideas that tell us, "Man, your life is my life." Enter The Elms, whose choruses are just informal talks, and whose sound brings to mind The Beatles. No one seems to know too much about them—yet. Lead singer Owen Thomas talked with writer Josh Shepherd in early 2001 about their bright future. Read full interview...

Owen Thomas (lead vocals, guitar, pianos)
Christopher Thomas (drums, percussion, vocals)
Thom Daughtery (guitars)
Nathan Bennett (bass)

Burn The Fields DVD - Click to view! BURN THE FIELDS: THE ELMS LIVE IN INDIANA DVD (2005)
The last DVD gave us all an inside look into the band and what makes them tick as well as delivered both of their music videos. Although a bit more expensive, this is the fan DVD nobody's going to want to miss. Included on this DVD is a feature-length concert with over 90 minutes of extras, including behind-the-scenes footage, band member interviews, and much more! Available only at shows and their official site.

Truth, Soul, Rock & Roll DVD - Click to view!
It's been a short three years since The Elms were signed to Sparrow Records, but a lot has happened in that time. This DVD gives their multitudes of fans a chance to drool over their two music videos and a chance to learn from the informal documentary by Daren Thomas. What more could you ask for?

Truth, Soul, Rock & Roll - Click to view!
Bringing together raw rock and thoughtful lyrics, The Elms return with new edge, new skills, and ... new suits! Okay, so it's a bit more than that, but you gotta love Owen's outfit. But, more importantly, The Elms have grown tremendously, and now they present us with some rock to make us dance and think.

The Big Surprise - Click to view!
Joy--where'd it go? Child-like faith has evolved into doctrinal systems. Relationships (think cliques and divorces) have become cruel. And give-it-everything melodies set to jangly guitars are pigeonholed as "oldies rock." A million debates, disappointments, and drab albums later, audacious rockers The Elms prod listeners into a carefree reality. Read full review...

The Elms EP - Click to view!
THE ELMS EP (2000)
Unassuming and ungaudy, the first band of the year to be added to Sparrow Records' roster, The Elms, give modern music fans a savory taste of their upcoming full-length project in this impenetrable self-titled EP. Much more than a hot advance item for their early 2001 debut, The Elms EP is a handful of antiphonous choruses cultivated with harmony, intensity and understanding. Read full review...

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