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Thom Yorke (voice, words, guitar, piano, laptop)
Jonny Greenwood (guitar, analogue systems, ondes martenot, laptop, toy piano, glockenspiel)
Colin Greenwood (bass, string synth, sampler)
Ed O'Brien (guitar, effects, voice)
Phil Selway (drums, percussion)

Hail to the Thief - Click to view! HAIL TO THE THIEF (2003)
Radiohead's sixth full-length album features a mixture of styles, possibly best subtitled OK Computer 2. In all honesty, it does move forward from OK Computer, but there isn't really anything new or revolutionary here (at least, not in Radiohead terms). Some provoking ideas are put forth, however, along with some f-bombs that listeners should be warned about. Review coming soon!

I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings - Click to view!
Not many in the music industry were prepared for the shaking Radiohead gave the musical world with Kid A and Amnesiac. Two albums of experimental, electronic-influenced rock (or was that rock-influenced electronica?) that opened up a whole new sound to many fans. Yet, one question loomed up out of the dark bliss evoked by Radioheadís musical boldness: could they convert this new music into concert material? Read full review...

Amnesiac - Click to view!
The second part of the sessions that produced Kid A, Amnesiac pushes Radiohead deeper into the experimental territory they have been exploring. At the same time, however, it suggests a move back toward "conservative" music: music with guitars and live drums.

Kid A - Click to view!
KID A (2000)
Electronic bleeps, dissonant horns, eerie string arrangements, and cascading harps: all are found on this album which will probably shock you by its unorthodox and non-mainstream music style. But it will do more than that: it will grab you and teach you that music can be re-defined and that barriers can be broken. You may not like this music, but it will teach you to think outside the conventional guitar/bass/drums mold.

OK Computer - Click to view!
The Bends proved that Radiohead was no ordinary rock band; OK Computer took that label one step further, giving them status as "extraordinary rock band". Classical music sensibilites were combined with squealing guitar and dissatisfied lyrics to create an album that took the listener to a great height, and then let them fall to the ground without hurt as the music flowed through them.

The Bends - Click to view!
THE BENDS (1995)
After the smash success of "Creep", critics had predicted that Radiohead would soon be a forgotten one-hit number. They were half-right. Though Radiohead has never had any further radio success, their albums have been critically acclaimed for their artistry. The Bends was the album that hinted at what Radiohead would become: a band with powerful musical ability and mysterious lyrics that simultaneously soothed and frustrated the listener. Don't leave us high ...

Pablo Honey - Click to view!
Starting off as a college band with minimal success, Radiohead's debut album contained within it a precious gem titled "Creep". Soon, it had gone big, and everyone was talking about this new band with an awesome hit single. How little they knew about the future.

Similar to their recent album liner notes, the website tells you very little about the band: the only interesting facet is the message board which is, from time to time, visited by the band members themselves. We do caution those who enter the realm of the message board, however: the language is less than exemplary.

Green Plastic Radiohead: The Bright Side of Insomnia
Overflowing with information, this site offers a good fan's perspective of Radiohead and aids newcomers in learning more about this band. The information isn't always up-to-speed with recent rh developments, but the quantity and quality of information does much to tide over the lack of well-rounded updates.

at ease
A smooth design complements up-to-date snuff on all things rh: the new album, a gigography, and audio/video files. Not as much information as Green Plastic, but still worth the visit.

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