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cMUSICMAIL features has been long overdue for an overhaul. After six years of the same thing, we deliver a whole new look plus staff blogs, a podcast, and much more. See all the great new content at the new!
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April 13, 2006 - The Dawn of a New Era
For the past two years or so, we at cMusicWeb have been scheming. While we’re proud of what we’ve built here in this corner of the web, and appreciate the thousands of you who support us by visiting each month, we felt it was necessary to reinvent ourselves a little. So we held a contest, asking you to give us a new name in exchange for free swag. You answered overwhelmingly, but we decided to go with an idea that had been bouncing around our editing scrums for a while. And the idea for was born.

Our website has always been driven primarily by reviews—that’s what we think we do best—but we’ve always been about more than Christian music, even if that’s our most frequent focus. So if you’re wondering why we opted for the new moniker, that’s essentially it. And while “real life” has often gotten in the way of our desire to deliver the new site, our owner and webmaster Dan Ficker has been working his tail off to meet our desire to bring you what we’ve been promising for so long in spring 2006.

The time has come, folks. is here -- albeit not entirely. When you visit us over there in a few seconds, you’ll see a blog-style site that gives you a glimpse of what’s to come. It’s not perfect, and we’re still working on upgrading it, but we’re quite excited about what the new site will enable us to do. We hope you share that enthusiasm.

Here’s a small list of what inReview will offer but cMW couldn’t, and a rundown of what will stay the same:

* Because the new site is blog-style, all of our staff will be able to post content as soon as it has passed through our editing system. Essentially what that means for you is more content on a timelier basis.

* Going blog-style also means you’ll be able to post your comments (or random thoughts) at the bottom of each article, with one click of your mouse. Love us or hate us, it’s all good. Just be sure we know what we’re doing wrong or right.

*On that note, we also have a new set of message boards in the Forum section. This was an underutilized feature on cMusicWeb, but we do hope you’ll hit us (and each other) up with whatever you feel like talking about in our new home.

* But the essence of what we’re about won’t change. We continue to offer the most incisive, honest and highest-quality reviews of anyone who covers the Christian music industry while never confining ourselves to that industry. We continue to bring you interviews that go further than other sites do and ask original, thoughtful questions. Our approach to music has always been different, and it will continue to be so. What you read here you won’t be able to find anywhere else

That’s about it. As mentioned, it’s a work in progress, but we’re definitely keyed up about it. Continue to check for archived reviews, artist pages, interviews, columns and features, but check regularly for new stuff. Actually, NOW would be a good time.

Thanks again for your time and support. We’re blessed and we know it.


The Staff of

- Ben 


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To Burn Again - No Innocent Victim
To Burn Again
No Innocent Victim

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Dawn Escapes - Falling Up
Dawn Escapes
Falling Up


BoogiRoot - DJ Maj
DJ Maj


The Paper Crane EP - Jamie Barnes
The Paper Crane EP
Jamie Barnes


Postcards - Cindy Morgan
Gindy Morgan


Eternity Is Now - Telecast
Eternity Is Now

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