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The Story Cannot End (Pre-Release) - Click to view!It seems that the Christian music industry is thirsty for something fresh and new, but still focused on rock and roll. Something that will drive home a Christian point, but still attract the rock fans.

Red Flecks, an independent artist based in Nashville, TN, may be that something.

They got their start in rural Pennsylvania, touring locally in churches and at small outdoor events. In 2003, they moved to Nashville.

Now they have released their second set of songs, a prerelease titled The Story Cannot End. Red Flecks has a very contemporary rock feel in most of their songs, featuring their lead singer, Amy Wright. It is very obvious that the band writes their music to feature their female lead singer. However, they do have some nice guitar effects scattered throughout the album, and a great moving bass line. Their drum part is probably the least interesting, but even the percussion shares the spotlight with the band on "Pardon Me," a tune that has the best drum part on the record.

Their sound can be compared to a number of different Christian and secular artists, including Superchic[k], Jennifer Knapp, and Avril Lavinge. They are like listening to Jennifer Knapp becoming the lead singer of Audio Adrenaline.

Lyrically, they do not always come right out and say exactly what they believe. In stead, their lyrics are more thought provoking, which may leave you guessing and pondering some of their meaning. Another Christian band with that goal of speaking both to the Christian and secular listeners is Switchfoot.

The album itself is intended to be an appetizer for their full-length release due out later this year. Its six tracks contain a mix of sweet, melodic vocals combined with a driving contemporary rock feel. "Wonderlove" is the title track, the chorus beginning "The Story Cannot End until it's you and me." This tune starts out with a guitar introduction, a very simple two or three note repetition. It leads into Amy singing, "I thought that I could live life without you." The assumption is that it is a plea to God to be by our side, that the story of life can't end without Him. But that assumption is left to the listener to decide. One of the favorite tracks on the album is "Pluto", which is a song about letting go of ourselves. The tune is probably the most guitar-driven track, with a very impressive rhythmic rock feel backing the verses, and a change of pace to more drums in the bridge, then all out in the chorus. It also has some nice little guitar riffs at the end of the song.

Overall, the Red Flecks prerelease is a solid rock album, leaving you wanting to hear exactly what this group can do. They probably haven't quite reached their full potential on The Story Cannot End, but it serves its purpose as a preview of what is to come. You can hear some samples of Red Flecks at their Myspace page or by visiting their web site.
- Matthew Durlin
February 2006
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