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folk feature
Patient Hearer Be
Paper Crane EP - Jamie Barnes There's not much strength in a paper crane. It easily fails to fly. Fortunately, flight is not something difficult for Kentucky-based musician Jamie Barnes. His newest creation, The Paper Crane EP, brings simplistic instruments and intricate ideas together. Even if you find the CD too short, too stripped-down, or too organic, we dare you to take this music for a test flight. You will see new heights, and you just might be compelled to play The Paper Crane EP one more time.


Love and Thunder - Andrew Peterson
Love & Thunder
Andrew Peterson

Six Inches of Sky - Sherri Youngward
Six Inches of Sky
Sherri Youngward
folk artists
Carolyn Arends
the poet with a talent for changing styles; quiet pop one album and rock the next.
Ben Arthur
a good guitarist who brings spiritually charged songs with a twisted view of life.
Burlap to Cashmere
intense acousticism blends with strong songwriting in this unique mediterranean band.
Caedmon's Call
talented musicians and poetic lyricists, cc create music that simultaneously entertains and educates.
Jeremy Casella
a talented songwriter that gives equal time to the triumphs and the losses of life.
these fresh-faced collegians are set to affect the church and culture with their music.
never put in a box, this collection of musicians brings artistry without asking for recognition.
John DeGrazio
a proficient guitarist and artistic poet who brings clarity from complexity.
Steven Delopoulos
without a doubt one of the most prolific folk artists in christian music, delopoulos inspires many.
Sara Groves
thoughtful piano based music created to instruct and successful in entertaining.
Wes King
thoughtful and good-natured, king shares his heart on love, faith, and commitment.
Lost Dogs
yesteryears stars of christian rock gather together to play acoustic-based folk music with true artistry.
Chris Mason
grounded in real life and stories that everyone can identify with, mason brings the hope of Christ to all.
Shawn McDonald
the latest in pop singer/songwriters, mcdonald's music explores his recent conversion.
Rich Mullins
an artist who was often misunderstood, mullins has become one of christianity's modern saints.
Nickel Creek
making their mark on the country music scene at a young age, they are bringing back bluegrass.
The Normals
gracefully honest and deeply personal, the normals produce albums that are expressive and original.
Andrew Osenga
the lead singer of the normals goes independent and gives his own thoughts on life.
Jill Paquette
a young singer-songwriter with an acoustic sound and thoughtful lyrics and true artistry.
Andrew Peterson
heartfelt songs of everyday life and beautiful acoustic instrumentation are peterson's marks.
Jill Phillips
a great indie artist that speaks from her heart about God and life in today's world.
Shane & Shane
a duo that produces amazing folk music that really jives with the singer/songwriter crowd.
Chris Thile
nickel creek's mandolinist does some fancy picking all his own on his solo cd.
Jimmy Wayne
a big name in the country scene, wayne explores his christian roots as well as regular country.
Derek Webb
using roots music to challenge the listener in their beliefs, this artist is on a mission.
Lizz Wright
blending almost every style you could think of together with beautiful vocals is this artist's forté.
folk news
April 6, 2004 - Osenga Joins Caedmon's
CMCentral and Caedmon's Call's official website are both reporting today that Andrew Osenga, late of The Normals, has been officially added to CC's lineup, filling the void left in the band caused by Derek Webb's departure of last year. Osenga's official site contains a similar report.

According to the CMCentral story, Osenga has been touring with Caedmon's, and will be "expected to continue to play guitar, sing [background] vocals, and contribute to the group's songwriting." This news coincides with the recent release of Chronicles, a Caedmon's retrospective collection commemorating the band's progress thus far and released this past Tuesday.

Caedmon's is readying a new album, tentatively titled Third World Symphony, which is due out this fall. In the meantime, fans can enjoy Chronicles, which contains a studio version of the crowd favourite "Bus Driver," recorded with Webb in a sort of mini-reunion.

Note: Additional information for this story was provided by newreleasetuesday.com
- Ben 

November 30, 2003 - A Road Experience
Andrew Osenga, former frontman of The Normals, recently announced (via his website) that he is recording his second solo release while on the road with Caedmon's Call as their lead guitarist/back-up vocalist. "I thought it would be a cool idea to chronicle this tour by writing and recording songs in different cities," says Andrew, "and I think this should be a cool little companion to my Photographs record."

Besides its being written and recorded on the road, this album is special because it is reported to feature members from the bands involved on the tour (Caedmon's and Jars of Clay). When we talked to Andy a couple weeks ago at a concert in Bellingham, WA, Andy told us that he had just recorded Steven Delopoulos (the tour's opener). No official word yet on who exactly is going to be playing on the album, but with the amount of talent on that tour, it is hard not to be excited about this project.
- Jason 

November 30, 2003 - Eb+Flo Expands Artist Roster
Folk artist Jeremy Casella recently announced on his official site that he has signed a recording deal with Eb+Flo Records (a division of Universal South founded by acclaimed producer Monroe Jones). He's also been putting the finishing touches for his first release on Eb+Flo which has not yet been titled. Rumor has it that it's his best record yet, and we have also heard a rumor that the Blind Boys of Alabama guest on this upcoming record. Full details should be available soon; the record is scheduled to release sometime in Spring 2004.
- Jason 

February 8, 2003 - Derek Webb Goes Solo, Leaves Caedmon's.
Most people have known that Derek Webb has his solo album coming out shortly. But, just recently announced is the departure of Webb from the band he has been working with for the last ten years, Caedmon's Call. Although no official press release has been sent out, sources at the fan site CaedmonsCall.net are very sure it is true.
- Dan 

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