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Live In Seattle - Click to view! LIVE IN SEATTLE (2005)
A live album less than a year after a new artist's debut sounds a bit like a marketing ploy, but for Shawn, it probably is a great disc. Shawn shares his story and gives that raw acoustic energy to the fans.

Simply Nothing - Click to view!
Those who are forgiven much really do love much. Shawn McDonald would say he's had a lot to be forgiven for. Being actively involved with the drug lifestyle didn't remove the emptiness, so he turned his life over to Christ and the drugs over to the toilet. The very next day, after cleaning house, the cops raided his apartment, hunting for a ticket to jail. McDonald soon began writing music to reflect his change of heart, playing in various Seattle coffee houses, and it earned attention from both secular and Christian music labels. Read full review...

The official home of this folk/pop artist has plenty of information for fans as well as audio clips.

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