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cMW was able to have a lengthy talk with Derek about his solo debut, She Must And Shall Go Free, as well as his theological beliefs, the controversy the CD has caused, ans much more. Read full review...

I See Things Upside Down - Click to view! I SEE THINGS UPSIDE DOWN (2004)
Let's say an album came out that took a giant index finger and pointed at the darkest part of your heart. Let's say it took everything considered normal and traditional in Christianity and turned it all upside down like the temple merchants' tables. What if, in poking fun at religious society, you were left staggering at the fresh wound of your own soul? Would you buy such an album? Read full review...

The House Show - Click to view!
Like many die-hard Derek Webb fans, I can still remember the excitement I felt when I first heard his solo debut She Must and Shall Go Free. It was not the bubblegum thrill one gets when riding roller coasters, nor was it the "Ooh! Aah!" heartwarming fuzzies that populate baby showers. This feeling was different. It was like seeing for the first time. As I listened to Derek's words I was convicted and uplifted by what he said, and I felt strengthened by what I had heard. Read full review...

She Must and Shall Go Free - Click to view!
Those who have read Hannah Hurnard's Hind's Feet on High Places will recall a scene where the meek Much Afraid is talking to the Great Shepherd about going to the desired High Places. The gentle Shepherd explains to Much Afraid that she cannot enter the High Places unless she has the Seed of Love planted in her heart. She is all too willing to receive the Seed until the Shepherd opens his hand and reveals that the seemingly benign Seed of Love is a hateful-looking spike. Her soul realizes that the High Places are worth any pain the ugly seed could inflict. Read full review...

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