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Cliff Young (vocals, guitar)
Danielle Young (vocals)
Jeff Miller (bass)
Garret Buell (percussion)
Todd Bragg (drums)
Josh Moore (hammond B3, piano, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, accordion, harmonica)

Share The Well - Click to view! SHARE THE WELL (2004)
Definitely not the normal album, this project focuses on bringing many different world cultures together. The band traveled and recorded in many third world countries, giving Share the Well sounds that many in the Western world are not accustomed to. In stores October 12.

Chronicles - Click to view!
When Jars of Clay released their first greatest hits album, Furthermore, they certainly didn't skimp on the details. Setting a precedent for future "best of" projects, Jars treated us to a two-disc bonanza filled with re-recorded acoustic renditions and live versions of an all-star track line-up. As if that weren't enough to make our eyes bulge, the band also included three original cuts in the package. Read full review...

Back Home - Click to view!
BACK HOME (2003)
A man left home one day to embark upon a journey around the world. He loved his quaint, little dwelling, so he requested that his relatives move in and housesit for him during his absence. Seeing new and exotic places brought this individual so much joy that he was gone a full six years. Eventually though, he became homesick and decided to return to his cozy, humble abode. Upon walking through his front door, he was grief stricken over how different his house looked! Read full review...

In the Company of Angels: A Call to Worship - Click to view!
We were made to praise our maker. It is our highest calling. Therefore the enemy tries his hardest to keep us from it. In recent days, he has succeeded in pulling our focus off of our Lord and placing it on our fears and woes. Caedmon's newest album In the Company of Angels: A Call to Worship draws us back to our ultimate purpose. It calls us to rise above this world, and gaze at His marvelous light. Read full review...

An Intimate Portrait - Click to view!
The theory of evolution is true, in one sense at least. Houston, Texas based band Caedmon's Call has undergone a few changes since their last release, 40 Acres. Now with two new members, the band is slowly making its move onto the pop scene without entirely abandoning its folk roots. The new style does take a little getting used to, but it's never monotonous, as every song grows on you after a few minutes of listening. Read full review...

40 Acres - Click to view!
40 ACRES (1999)
Ineffable: too great to be described in words. Finding hope in redemption, grace and honesty, the seven-member band ponder and communicate truth in a new vein of full, acoustic, living sound. Caedmon's Call have recorded an informal, pure perspective of God's ineffable mercy with a truly original college-based acoustic sound. Read full review...

An Intimate Portrait - Click to view!
This was a little CD with a couple songs and a CD-ROM section with an interview with the band. For the diehard Caedmon's fan!

Caedmon's Call - Click to view!
Caedmon's Call and their acoustic-rock based music took me on a surreal journey to the heart of a relationship with Christ and an intimate fellowship with a band I had once criticized. Lyrically inspiring, poignantly touching, and a deep statement of faith, Caedmon's Call is a masterpiece just waiting to be admired. Read full review...

Just Don't Want Coffee
Caedmon's second independent mini-album included more songs from Aaron Tate as well as the introduction of Derek Webb as a songwriter for the band.

My Calm // Your Storm
My Calm // Your Storm showcases the early sound of Caedmon's Call. While still an independent grass-roots band, Caedmon's Call recorded 10 songs dealing with the themes of pain and healing. With Aaron Tate's strong lyrics that offer comfort and the musical style that made them famous, this CD is a must have for all Caedmon's fans. Read full review...

The official site has info on their complete discography, more on the new album, their own fan club, The Guild, and much more.

Frequent news updates, in-depth song information, and just about anything else you could ever want to know about Caedmon's can be found on this excellent site.

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