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Caedmon's Call
[ my calm // your storm ]


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My Calm // Your Storm "Save me I am perishing
In this grey of faith and form
Arise rebuke my content and my peace,
Make my calm, your storm"

My Calm // Your Storm, released in 1996, showcases the early sound of Caedmon's Call. While still an independent grass-roots band, Caedmon's Call recorded 10 songs dealing with the themes of pain and healing. When compared to other Caedmon's Call albums, you may notice a few differences in MC//YS. One difference is that of CC's two chief writers, Derek Webb and Aaron Tate, only Aaron Tate wrote for this album. His poetic lyrics are well written with a strong message. As the notes in the CD explain, the first five songs focus on man's pain and tendency to "come to love comfort more than the Comforter." The title track is a song that speaks truth about our need for God's healing hand in our life. It carries out the themes of pain and healing and sets the mood for the rest of the album. "This World," a classic Caedmon's Call song, speaks of the imperfections of this world and the hope Christ offers to his people. "Too Tender" and "Suicidal Stones" are stylistically different songs that both focus on human frailty, while "Forget What You Know," based on Romans 8:35-39, offers solutions to the problems of the world. One line in "Forget What You Know" says "The past can be like sidewalk chalk if you will dance and pray for rain." The last five songs of the CD are prayers to God for healing and redemption. "Not Enough" proves to be one of the best songs of the CD with a catchy melodic tune and strong lyrics of confession, and "All I Know," written by Aaron Tate and Cliff Young, retells the story of the blind man healed by Jesus. The live recording of the beautiful hymn, "There's A Stirring" is another highlight of the CD. The song "Jar of Clay" is about realizing that as humans we are frail and that God can use our imperfections for His glory. The final track of the CD is "Coming Home," one of Caedmon's Call's best known songs. This is probably the best recording of "Coming Home" CC has released, in my opinion, because it has a raw sound. Musically, that raw folk sound is what sets My Calm // Your Storm apart from the other Caedmon's Call albums. With Aaron Tate's strong lyrics that offer comfort and the musical style that made Caedmon's Call famous, this CD is a must have for all Caedmon's Call fans.
- Sara Hicks
June 1999
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