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If you attended one of the recent Jars of Clay/Caedmon's Call shows this past year, chances are that you've seen an unfamiliar figure playing guitar and singing backup for the latter band. This unfamiliar figure is none other than Andrew Osenga, primarily known for being frontman for The Normals (who have indefinitely disbanded due to financial restrictions and family responsibilities). Playing in Caedmon's isn't the only thing Andy is up to these days, however. In the last year-and-a-half, he has been busy producing albums in his home studio (dubbed the "Velvet Eagle"), recording a solo album of his own, and using his spare time on the road to craft an EP titled Souvenirs and Postcards. And that brings us to the interview. Read full interview...

Souvenirs and Postcards - Click to view! SOUVENIRS AND POSTCARDS (2004)
Primarily written and recorded on tour, Souvenirs and Postcards gives Andrew Osenga fans a tiny glimpse of a traveling musician's life. A companion of sorts to his debut full-length, Photographs, this EP proves once again why Osenga's music has enthralled his fans for the past several years. Featuring Steven Delopoulos and a couple members from Jars of Clay, we guarantee that this disc will haunt your CD player for some time to come. Review coming soon!

Photographs - Click to view!
A country boy leaves his small hometown and heads for the big city, dreaming of doing great things and being a great man. He knows-or thinks he knows-that it will be hard, but he does not doubt his talents. After nearly twenty years of gleaning wisdom from his family and friends, he's ready to attack the real world, bringing change and new life to everything. I don't know Andrew personally, but after listening to Photographs, I'd wager that he was a lot like this country boy when he first came to Nashville nearly five years ago. Read full review...

Andrew Osenga
Andy O's official site is a file folder of information, including regular news updates, tour dates, and peridioc journal entries.

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