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Most Spun 2004: It's revolution, baby.
[ cMusicWeb.com's end of the year feature | compiled by ben forrest ]


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JOSHUAWEEKLY Hip-Hop Reviewer, cMusicWeb.com
Pangaea - Visionaries
Visionaries - Pangaea
Intelligent West Coast hip hop. Need there be anything else said? Fun, thought provoking, bangers. Besides, how can you say no to 2Mex?
Feels Like Home - Norah Jones
Norah Jones - Feels Like Home
All of Norah's songs are about me, that is a little known fact. Norah has one of those voices that make everything she says dreamy. She could be out of bean dip and ask someone for some more and it would be great.
The Movement - Sharlok Poems
Sharlok Poems - The Movement
This is amazing music. I cannot beleive the amount of talent this man has. This is the best thing to hit the shelves in '04. This is the disc that will complete you. It will be your Jerry McGuire.
Fourth Dimensional Rocketships Going Up - Gift Of Gab
Gift Of Gab - Fourth Dimensional Rocketships Going Up
This also would be intelligent west coast hip hop, just a little better than the Visionaries. Gift of Gab fairs well with out his partner Chief Xcel on the boards. A gem for sure.
Backbreakanomics - mars ILL
mars ILL - Backbreakanomics
Powerful. This is the type of music that changes people. This is the heart of manChild and Dust laid open for all to read. Listen carefully and you will learn something new.

JOSHBROWN News Reporter, cMusicWeb.com
Who We Are Instead - Jars of Clay
Jars of Clay - Who We Are Instead
This album has probably been one of my favorites. Although it's a unique music style and strays from Jars' "Flood" roots, it tops my list musically and lyrically. Particularly "Lonely People" and "Jealous Kind." The acoustics, piano, and vocals send chills down my spine each time I hear these songs. This is definitely worth your time and money.
Finding The Reason - Sara Beth
Sara Beth - Finding The Reason
This M-Fuge worship leader based in Nashville has songs written straight from the heart as well as straight from the Bible. She writes elegantly and her vocals are amazing. Sara Beth's piano and vocals strike a chord in my soul. Her use of repetition is brilliant, but more so are her songwriting skills. If you're ever in Nashville be sure to stop by the Frothy Monkey and hear this girl's amazing talent.
Worldwide - Audio Adrenaline
Audio Adrenaline - Worldwide
Possibly the disc that will never get old. Audio A's "we've gotta take it worldwide" message will never cease to speak to me. As a Christian I can get caught up in my little comfort zone, but Audio A's album reminds me to get out of that box and make a difference—to quit making excuses and get active for the cause of Christ. To take it worldwide as the Bible calls us to do. I listen to this album when I want to get spiritually high again. It's the best investment I've ever made.
Momentum - TobyMac
tobyMac - Momentum
The album title is my energy boost. It is the caffeine in my soda, the pomp in my walk, and it truly does "Get the Party Started." The songs may not all contain spiritual themes, but from "Love is in the House" to "J-Train," toby makes me want to get off the couch and jump. This album is playing on my iPod whenever I get tired and need to stay awake and whenever I am feeling crazy and need to act like a little kid again, bouncing off all the walls. Great music with a few tracks that have awesome lyrics too.
All That You Can't Leave Behind - U2
U2 - All That You Can't Leave Behind
Okay, so I haven't bought How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb yet—it's my Christmas present. But this album is one of the greatest albums produced by U2, songs from "Beautiful Day" to "Stuck in a Moment" are just amazing. This album has topped my iPod and iTunes' playlist since the day it was released. U2's brilliance in reaching out of the Christian spectrum and having mass appeal shows the world is looking for songs with purpose and meaning, and the awesome vocals Bono provides.

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