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Most Spun 2004: It's revolution, baby.
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JOSHNIEMYJSKI General Manager, ILLECT Recordings
Remixes - Fila Brazilia
Fila Brazilia - Remixes
I'm a huge fan of downtempo (think instrumental hip-hop with electro influences and background music for car commercials) and this double-CD import has some really fresh tunes on it. Can't take it out of my CD player.
The King EP - Matti P
Matti P - The King EP
Electro hip-hop with some really catchy lyrics and production. It's honest and simple, yet locks you in. Not to toot our own horn here, but this is an ILLECT artist we're releasing in 2005. Matti P hails from Finland.
Mirror Conspiracy - Thievery Corporation
Thievery Corporation - Mirror Conspiracy and Abductions & Reconstructions
Two albums from a favorite group of mine. They are also of the downtempo variety. Good stuff to put on while working. Excellent background music and even music for a get together.
In Like Flynn - Flynn
Flynn - In Like Flynn
I've always liked Flynn and this album really was a treat. Some excellent tracks and memorable guest appearances from fellow L.A. Symphony members. Another ILLECT artist.
Earthworm - LPG
LPG - Earthworm
One of the best hip-hop albums I own. Came out in the '90s and is still getting regular spins in my deck.
586 - Peace 586
Peace 586 - The Risen Son and 586
Two albums from former Freedom of Soul frontman Peace 586. Neither album is astonishing but both are simple and communicate things to me that I just don't find on other albums. Peace is a great guy too.

KIMFLANDERS Interviewer, cMusicWeb.com
The Beautiful Letdown - Switchfoot
Switchfoot - The Beautiful Letdown
From the day of release in early 2003 to this very day, the latest Switchfoot CD has maintained the esteemed number one slot in my car's twelve CD changer. Though I will admit that the number of listens each month has decreased a bit, the guitar-driven rock from this San Diego-bred crew comes in handy when driving home late at night from a concert. My prediction is that this disc will remain in the same slot until it is replaced on or about May of 2005 when the next Switchfoot CD hits the streets. Perhaps then Christian radio will finally recognize what it took mainstream exposure to accomplish.
How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb - U2
U2 - How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb
I know what you are thinking. "How can an album that was released in November this year be on the top list of spins?" Maybe since this one happens to be the first U2 album I have ever owned, I overplayed it the first week after obtaining the disc. Maybe I just like the music. I have to admit, I got hooked after hearing "Vertigo" overplayed on the radio. Hailed as Bono's most spiritual release to date, U2's sound never grows old. Many have tried to copy that sound over the years. I would suggest giving the original a little spin.
Wire - Third Day
Third Day - Wire
Third Day may have not flowed into the mainstream world with their latest release, but they have made it back to the stream of music that blares from my car speakers. Wire has spun more times in my car than Third Day's last two releases combined. The southern boys have finally brought back the sound that originally got me hooked in the first place: rock. Lyrically and musically, Wire may stretch some listeners to go beyond what they are accustomed to in recent works. I just hope Third Day continues to make rock. Please. No more of that pop stuff.
Phenomenon - Thousand Foot Krutch
Thousand Foot Krutch - Phenomenon
They may not know how to spell, but they know how to make music to my ears. I was first introduced to this band at the HM magazine stage at Purple Door a few years back. They were a bit hard for my taste. Either my tastes have gotten harder, or their sound has softened a bit. Or both. All I know is that when I experienced TFK at Festival Con Dios last year, I felt compelled to "throw up my rawkfist." A few months later, I finally purchased Phenomenon and I soon pondered what took me so long. To make up for lost time, I played this disc over and over until my fist fell off.
Blueprints For The Black Market - Anberlin
Anberlin - Blueprints For The Black Market
Yes, I picked this one before I saw Dan's picks. Here is another example of a disc that took a few months to purchase. Exposed to their live set on several occasions since last fall, I finally heard the entire CD while listening to a friend's copy on the long drive back from Nashville. As soon as the next Tooth and Nail sale hit BestBuy.com, I added Anberlin to my cart. To put down in words what got me hooked is difficult. Is it Stephen Christian's talented voice? Or the thought-provoking lyrics? Or maybe the sweeping melodies? I believe it is a little bit of each when packaged together produces a unique sound worthy of the repeat button on my CD player.

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