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The Road to OneDayOneDay is coming, where thousands of students from across the country are going to blow the nation away with the power of prayer. This disc serves as a soundtrack to that upcoming event, adding a dozen new songs that all attendees of OneDay will know. However, this disc is different from its Passion predecessors, because it is not a live recording. Working in the studio brings out a new style of Passion, which is a bit like SONICFLOOd.

The opening track, "Salvation", tries to bring a live sound to the disc with an echo on Charlie Hall's voice. The song also features soaring electric guitar and heavy drums. Next comes a version of the delirious? song "Shout to the North" that differs from the original in that it sounds a little more acoustic, and it doesn't have a British accent. Chris Tomlin leads us in the next anthem, "The Noise We Make." Sounding much like the opening track, this one proclaims "You are worthy." "Break Our Hearts" is a beautiful harmonica-filled plea to God to "Show Your power once again." Also, at the end of the song there is a heartfelt prayer to God. David Crowder appears on Track 5 for a medley of, "Make a Joyful Noise/I Will Not be Silent" Besides the cool "produced" sounds on this track, he leads us in an awesome vocal "oh-ye-HI-eah!" It is a beautiful, sonic anthem of pure praise to God.

The disc slows down a bit for "Kindness," which includes my favorite lyric, "Your love is better than life." At the end of the track is a prayer for a greater passion for God, for unity, and for the heart of our country to be turned to God. Sounding like a track from Luna Halo, "Holy Visitation" is a prophetic track, with references to Old Testament traditions. "We are Hungry" is one of the best tracks on this disc. Steve Fee repeatedly cries "We are hungry, we are hungry ~ We are hungry for more of You." The chorus then fades into "We lift our holy hands up ~ We want to touch You," with a choir finishing out the song in beautiful harmony.

Track 9 is a beautiful orchestral prelude to "Holy Roar," led by Christy Nockels of Watermark. "Oh can you hear it? ~ We're crying out for more ~ Listen to our song ~ It's turning into a holy roar" is the chorus, ending in a chorus of "Hallelujahs". Matt Redman guest stars in this recording of "Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble?" Beginning with the prayer, "Could this be the land of the free? Let salvation waves crash on these shores again. And the fire of your great love come rushing in," Redman crafts a track which is not as loud as delirious?' recording, but is nonetheless beautiful. Quietly and beautifully ending the disc, "Jesus, Lover of My Soul," proclaims, "You alone are God and I surrender ~ to your ways" with an acoustic guitar and some beautiful strings. If you wait a minute, you will get to track 26:8, an awesome hidden track, "We're Gonna Sing Like the Saved."

This disc brings us closer to OneDay, and along the way, introduces us to many new tracks to bring to God in passionate worship.
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