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Live From New Orleans - Click to view! LIVE FROM NEW ORLEANS (2005)
Releasing on May 3rd, this is another must-have for Ginny's fans. The disc features Ginny performing signature songs from across all three of her studio albums, plus a new song and a cover of a Lenny Kravitz song. Recorded live at the House of Blues in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana.

Beautiful - Click to view!
In the music business, there are people who write songs and people who perform music. Sometimes those people are one and the same. And those people sometimes earn a decent living doing what they enjoy. But the most memorable artists take those tasks to a different level. Songs become stories, singers become storytellers, and a stronger bond is forged with the audience. Read full review...

Blueprint EP - Click to view!
After two Ginny discs, we have seen her quiet side, in which she sings and plays the piano beautifully. On her CDs we also find the carefully produced, poppy songs, which seem much different from the softer stuff. However, through bluEPrint, we find that they are not as different as they seem. All the songs start as just Ginny and her piano, and then progress further in the studio. On this EP, we find eight songs in their most basic, acoustic format. Read full review...

Something More - Click to view!
Retaining many of the same elements that made her debut so popular, it's safe to say that Ginny Owens is still here. But, after three years, one would think that Ginny might have something new added to her bag of tricks. Musically, there's not much new here, nevertheless it is definitely still a good listen. Lyrically, though, Ginny without doubt has some new things to talk about. Read full review...

Without Condition - Click to view!
A lot can happen in a couple years. Just ask Ginny Owens. In that time, she's gone from being a little-known blind girl who sang to cutting an album with Monroe Jones, winning the 2000 Dove Award for Best New Artist, appearing at mainstream venues like Lillith Fair, and becoming a symbol of hope for millions through her chart-topping radio singles. Striking a balance between simple piano and pop music, this CD pursues meaning to life as a child of God; ironically, it's through her and her story that many will SEE and know Christ's love for the first time. Read full review...

Graphic-heavy and beautiful, this site gives all you need to know about Ginny, from her music to blindness.

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