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Without Condition - Click to view!A lot can happen in a couple years. Just ask Ginny Owens. In that time, she's gone from being a little-known blind girl who sang to cutting an album with Monroe Jones, winning the 2000 Dove Award for Best New Artist, appearing at mainstream venues like Lillith Fair, and becoming a symbol of hope for millions through her chart-topping radio singles. Ginny reminds us of her roots from the beginning, starting with a quiet version of "Be Thou My Vision" that drifts on atmospheric, pulsating sounds. This quickly flows into "I Wanna Be Moved", which boldly declares a desire to be taken from a mediocre relationship with God, culminating in the line, "I don't wanna be a flame ~ I wanna be a raging fire." Showcasing her piano skills, the title track struggles with the burden of being a Christian, and concludes that we must do God's will "Without Condition." Making the mix interesting with car-revving noises and a jazzy groove, "Free" rejoices in the freedom found through Christ and His love. Slowing the pace down again and featuring stunning piano, "If You Want Me To" is much the same message of the title track. With story-like verses, Ginny tells of the world and its disappointments, such as divorce and political scandals, calling it the "Land of the Grey" and noting that confusion is the only absolute. Expounding on the apostle Paul's words with a soothing, consistent melody, the blind diva recites all the good works she could do, but finishes her thoughts in the chorus: "If I do not love ~ I am nothing." With an almost African beat, "Springs of Life" tells of God's love as a saving water in this secular wilderness. With merely piano and her outstanding voice, Ginny traces the endless journeys of people in "Someone Searching." Sounding similar to Plumb, Ginny marvels that "the last shall be first" in "Symbol of a Lost Cause," while the gift of her complete self is presented to God in the close "Own Me." Striking a balance between simple piano and pop music, Without Condition pursues meaning to life as a child of God; ironically, it's through Ginny Owens and her story that many will SEE and know Christ's love for the first time.
- Dan Ficker and Josh M. Shepherd
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