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Something More - Click to view!Retaining many of the same elements that made her debut so popular, it's safe to say that Ginny Owens is still here. But, after three years, one would think that Ginny might have something new added to her bag of tricks. Musically, there's not much new here, nevertheless it is definitely still a good listen. Lyrically, though, Ginny without doubt has some new things to talk about. The album's "Prelude" track opens up the disc, telling of Ginny's ambition to change the world through her music, even through the hardships. It's true, in the last couple years of being introduced to the Christian music industry, delivering the Gospel 24/7 is not easy. And, as she said at the end of the "Prelude," she wrote this album "to remind herself" of her experiences.

Opening with a highly synthesized "do, do," voice loop that is repeated throughout, producer Monroe Jones keeps the use of electronic sampling from her first album in full gear on "With Me." Lyrically, this track brings a sense of hope because God is always with us. Owens continues the struggle by opening "Run To You" with "I used to see the world in black and white / Now I find myself in a fog of grey," but bringing her troubles to the truth of Christ. This track returns to Ginny's simpler, soft keyboard roots, with a transparent drum loop and her signature large amounts of bass.

Ginny likens herself to Moses, David, and Mary, people who could not believe that God is using them to bring the message that He is the "I Am." Striving for some DJ grooves and calling for reformation inside the church, the title track wrestles with the realization that those in the church fall into the same problems that those outside have. The day-to-day business of life is not what we should be worried about, for God takes care of that. Turning down everything except her and her piano, "This Road" was written while she was coping with the success of her first album, and tries to figure out "why this road? / Why this way? / And this load?" In the end, amidst lush strings, Ginny finds that she does not really need to know, but that God knows why, and that is enough.

"I Know Someone" continues the idea that God's ultimate plan is best, with a chorus of Ginny's going background "ah-e-ahs." Although as layered as the rest of her upbeat pop tracks, "Simply Love You" longs for those times past when just loving God was enough, and there was no clutter in our life. With apt.core's Will Hunt providing some of the track's bed, "The Hand" uses a small guitar loop for the verses, and brings the rest of the band in for the chorus. This song tells of God's salvation, but how we still "keep our distance / caught up in false pretenses."

Scott Denté provides the haunting melody and guitar chords to "True Story," where Ginny likens her musical storytelling to a painting where all the bad parts are left out. But through the course of the song, she realizes that because of the imperfections, "beauty lies in the true story." Finishing the album off are two very simple, quiet songs, starting with "All I Want To Do." Starting off with merely her vocals and then expanding to include the piano, this prayer very simply says, "all I want to do / is give this life to you." Continuing her love to bring the old hymns into a more contemporary style, "Be Still My Soul" is a powerful, string-backed arrangement of the church classic.

Nothing close to a sophomore slump, Ginny Owens delivers a very strong album that challenges the listener lyrically and entertains the listener musically through her piano-based pop. However, the small fault is that it does not add anything new in the musical front, but is very similar to Without Condition. Nevertheless, Ginny Owens shows us that there truly is Something More to life in Christ than simply being a part of a Christian church.
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