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Blueprint - Click to view!After two Ginny discs, we have seen her quiet side, in which she sings and plays the piano beautifully. On her CDs we also find the carefully produced, poppy songs, which seem much different from the softer stuff. However, through bluEPrint, we find that they are not as different as they seem. All the songs start as just Ginny and her piano, and then progress further in the studio. On this EP, we find eight songs in their most basic, acoustic format. In the studio, we find Ginny on vocals, Margaret Becker in the producer's seat and a small group of background instrumentalists, including Matt Slocum on cello. The result is a bluesy look behind the scenes of Ginny Owens's success.

A string bass opens along with the keys on "Free," with a snare introduced on the chorus. Ginny's vocals are recorded "live" in the studio in this album, and this shows in "I Am," where a listen to the cut off Something More reveals that she probably worked hard on the perfect timing of the lines. "With Me" takes on a whole new life on bluEPrint, with a quiet, soulful praise feel instead of highly-mixed power pop. Lush strings are featured on the acoustic version of "I Am Nothing," a reminder of the need for love instead of goodness. Solo piano intros the title track to her latest LP, concluding that "there's gotta be something more to life." This one is probably the most upbeat on the disc and features exciting strings. Lots of string bass and some subtle electric guitar from Scott Denté are found on "True Story." Ginny's piano playing is featured throughout this release, and "Run to You" finds her expounding on some basic chords, doing a superb job. The last track of the EP is "Let Them Hear," a previously unreleased song. This plea to God to "let them hear You through me" brings peaceful, quiet closure to the disc, again featuring soothing strings during the chorus.

Most of the songs on this disc can be found on other full releases from Ginny Owens, but on bluEPrint they are presented in a more intimate, live setting. Here we see Ginny not as a pop act but as a skilled piano-based artist. It is a very different view of Ginny Owens, but it is great to see the bluEPrint of her music, what makes it touch so many people. Ginny Owens's prayer to "let them hear" is especially realized in this EP, which has the intimate feeling of her playing in your living room.
- Dan Ficker
November 2002

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